12 Best Books On Writing to Improve Your Writing Skills

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There are a lot of ways to become better as a writer.

However, of all these ways, one way actually does stand out.

That way is none other than reading.

As a writer, if you make reading a habit, you will definitely improve greatly.

While reading will generally help you write better, there are certain books that you should focus on as they were written basically to help you become a better writer.

These books are regarded as the best books on writing and it is important that you read them at least once in a lifetime.

That being said, below are some of the best books on writing.

best books on writing

1. How to write Bestselling Fiction

How to write bestselling fiction is a book that can be trusted to help you write a bestseller if you are into the writing of fiction.

You might ask why.

Well, the simple reason for this is it was written by Dean Koontz, a best-selling author.

Now, Dean Koonz is not just a bestselling author, he has sold up to 450 million copies of his books.

This definitely counts for a lot and makes him a writer that you have to take very seriously.

This book was written with fiction writers in mind.

So, if you have the ability to write stories and create a whole world out of nothing, this just might be the book to push you into limelight.

2. The Elements of Style

The elements of style is a book that was jointly written by E.B. White and William Strunk.

It offers useful tips on the development of style as a writer.

As a writer, if you are looking to develop a unique and catchy style, this book can help you do so in one of the easiest ways.

Contained in this book aretipson grammar, alongside tips which you need to sort out writing clutter

3. On Writing Well

This book has William Zinsser as its author and is considered a classic.

It was written with nonfiction writers in mind.

This, therefore makes it a book that you should have in your library if you are a non-fiction writer.

In this book, the author takes out time to talk about various forms of writing.

Some of the forms of writing covered are telling stories about individuals, writing about travelling, business writing, interviewing, art criticism, etc.

 In as much as this book is targeted at nonfictional writers, it has something for you irrespective of the form of writing that you are interested in.

4. The Writing Life

When properly done, a written piece of work can appear like it was written very easily.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the truth remains that writing comes with some challenges.

Some of these challenges are quite easy to address, others are a little difficult to address.

Well, what better way to get an answer to a challenge you have been having with writing other than it coming from a professional in the field that has encountered the very same challenges.

That is exactly what the book “the writing life” is all about.

This book was written by Annie Dillard. In this book, Annie Dillard talks about the difficulties of writing.

She does not stop at that.

She goes on to offer solutions to the many challenges that writers have to deal with when they are writing.

Apart from the fact that this book offers solutions to the issues of writing, it makes beginners know that they are not alone as far as challenges to writing are concerned.

Even some of the best professionals face the same challenges that beginners face.

5. The Elements of Style

The elements of style is a book that was jointly written by E.B. White and William Strunk.

It offers useful tips on the development of style as a writer.

As a writer, if you are looking to develop a unique and catchy style, this book can help you do so in one of the easiest ways.

Contained in this book are tips on grammar, alongside tips which you need to sort out writing clutter.

The element of style is a book that everyone that writes or is hoping to become a writersomeday has to not only go through but also own.

This book is not just valuable in this age and time.

It will only stop being valuable when people begin writing entirely in emoji.

Contained in the book “the element of style” is everything a writer needs to know about communicating accurately and clearly through written words.

This book is not just a book for beginners in the field of writing. It is one that should also be owned by experts.

If you are new to writing, it will surprise you to know that some of the professional writers you hold in high esteem do not only own this book, they have also read it several times.

6. Paperback Oxford English Dictionary

I am almost sure you were not expecting to see this on the list of important books that every writer should own.

Regardless, the Oxford English Dictionary has a worth to writers which cannot really be quantified.

Now, you might be a writer that does not like dealing with hard copy versions of books. If you are one, you will have to take a break from the norm with the Oxford English Dictionary.

Why is this so? If all you want to do is get to know the meaning of a word you are not sure of by looking

it up on the internet, you will not be doing yourself a lot of good.

The simple reason is you might not come across words that you do not know exist in the process.

However, if you make use of a paper back Oxford English Dictionary, you can always come across new words that you never knew existed in the process of looking for a meaning to a particular word.

7. Letters to a Young Writer

Letters to a young writer was written by Column McCann.

It is a book that can be likened to a piece of advice from an advanced writer to beginner writers.

Contained in this book are advice on the creation of characters.

It also contains advice of getting an agent and deleting the right MFA program.

Letters to young writers is definitely an amazing book that every aspiring writer has to have a copy of.

However, beyond being a book for aspiring writers, it is a special book for fiction writers.

If you are a fiction writer, then ownership of this book is non-negotiable.

8. Aspect of a Novel

Aspect of a novel has E.M Forster as its author.

Although it was not originally written in form of a book, it can be considered one of the best books that every writer should read.

It is a compilation of some of the lectures E.M Forster gave at Cambridge University.

This book can be taken advantage of by any writer.

Nonetheless, it was directed to fiction writers.

This book is almost a hundred years old. Regardless of that, it is still a thought for provoking book.

9. The Situation and the Story

If you are looking to write about your personal experience and then go on to put it into a book for sale, “The situation and the story” by Vivian Gornick will be very helpful.

A lot of people have certain unanswered questions as regards writing out their experiences.

A lot of these questions are answered in this book.

Some of the questions which answers are provided to in this boom are questions such as “is my job as a memoirist to write an account of what happened or is it something else?

Am I the same person as the narrator who speaks from my pages?”

10. What the Living Do

What the living do by Marie Howe is a book for poets.

This book might not be so popular at the moment.

That notwithstanding, if you were already a poet in the 1990s, you most likely already know this book.

When this book is read by a poet, it becomes easy to see, hear, as well as understand your feelings as a poet.

11. On Writing (best books on writing)

On writing has Stephen King as its author.

This book is partly a manual and partly a memoir.

It is a book that even those that do not appreciate a lot of Stephen King’s books have no choice but to appreciate.

Contained in this book are tools that every writer that is new to the game of writing can gain a lot from.

This book does not just contain ideas that can help every upcoming writer become a lot better in a short while.

It also has a way of entertaining you while teaching you what to do to become a better writer.

12. Bird by Bird

Bird by Bird was written by Anne Lamott.

It is a book that every writer should have by their side.

This book contains tips which every writer can take advantage of to come up with a piece of great writing.

The seemingly strange title that this book has was inspired by an assignment which Lamott’s brother had to deal with.

He was supposed to give a report about birds and was not sure how to get started.

So her father told him to write for one bird at a time.


Conclusion It might not be possible to own all these books in a short period of time.

Nonetheless, it is important that you are in possession of any of these books that is most relevant to the type of writing you do

What is your best books on writing?


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