25 ways to Build A Better Social Media Presence

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Build A Better Social Media Presence

In its beginning stages, social media majorly functioned in building connections between various people. 

In as much as it still has the same function, it has gone through a major evolution.

It is no longer a place for just connecting with people.

It is now a place for businesses to reach people that they would not be able to reach physically.

With this, if you own a brand, you just have to take advantage of social media.

While there are lots of ways to enjoy the use of social media, you will not really get much from social media if you do not get noticed.

This, therefore, makes it important to improve your presence on social media.

25 ways to Build A Better Social Media Presence

1. Have Clear Goals

It will be very difficult to build a better social media presence if you do not have clear goals.

Having crystal clear goals means you have a perfect idea of what you intend achieving.

There are quite a number of social media platforms and if you must get the best from using any of them, you have to be familiar with the way they work.

This includes knowing the kind of audience that they attract and having a plan to reach this set of people.

2. Timing is Essential

It is one thing to put up amazing posts that you are certain your audience will love.

Also, it is another thing to put up this post at the right time.

To improve your presence on social media, you have to do things at the right time.

If you intend using a hashtag, ensure you do so when the hashtag is still trending.

3. A Catchy Profile is Non-negotiable

Before going on to carry out your plan ona social media platform, it is important that you completely fill your profile.

Also, you should pay special attention to any part of the profile that will be of importance to your brand.

In addition to perfectly filling your profile, you should make use of the right cover and display photos.

These photos should not only be attractive, they should bear your brand’s logo.

A profile that is completely filled offers a brand credibility.

It also provides visitors to your page the right information that they might need before deciding to get to know you better.

Better Social Media Presence

4. Follow Important Brands

There are lots of accounts on social media.

As a result of this, it is difficult to tell which of them are real accounts.

If people are not sure how real your account is, they will not want to follow you.

So, to prove to people that your account is real, you should follow relevant accounts.

By doing this, you will be making it easy for other people to follow you.

5. Build Rapport with Your Audience

As soon as you get people to follow you on social media, you have to start posting contents.

It is not enough to just post. You have to post contents that your audience will find helpful.

That is not all, make it a point of duty to reply to your audience when they make comments on your posts.

It is equally important that you comment on their posts as well.

The aim of doing this is to get your audience to build a connection with your brand.

Once a connection is built, there will be an urge to learn more about your brand.

6. Figure out Your Audience’s Needs

Figuring out the needs of your audience comes just after building rapport with them.

If you are unable to figure out the needs of your audience you might not be able to build a very personal relationship with them.

However, as soon as you find out what your audience really needs, you can create your content to suit their needs

7. Attach Social Media Buttons to Your Website

Social Media Presence

If your website gets a lot of traffic, you have to take advantage of it by attaching follow buttons on it.

With follow buttons, visitors into your website can be directed to your social media pages very easily.

Ensure that you position follow buttons in areas where they can be easily spotted by visitors to your site.

While at this, you have to avoid placing them all over your site as this might become irritating go visitors.

8. Connect your Profiles to your Website

If you are searching for an easy way to ensure that your audience know all that there is to know about your brand, you will have to link your profiles to your website.

Make sure that you link all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your website. This will help your audience learn more about your brand with ease.

9. Organize Events

One tried and trusted way to make people aware of the existence of your brand is by conducting events.

To get the attention of the audience at any event you organised, you should make use of your social media handles on your signage or printed materials.

With this, there are no limitations to how creative you can get while promoting by our social media accounts.

10. Share your Profiles

Sharing your profiles is an easy way to grow your presence on social media.

This is quite easy but not something you can do with absolutely everyone.

It can only be done with the people that you know.

When doing this, you have to go about it in a relaxed manner. Don’t try to be pushy as it might amount to spamming.

11. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hash tags don’t exist just for fun.

They can be used as a tool in building your social media presence.

To make use of hashtags, simply make them apart of the posts you make on social media.

Doing this on your twitter and Instagram profiles will definitely bring in a lot of people to your social media accounts and also your websites.

12. Make use of As Many Networks as Possible

Some of the most famous social media networks in existence are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram.

In spite of the fact that these networks are a lot more popular than other networks, you should not restrict yourself to them.

There are other social media networks that you can rely on to improve your social media presence. Some of them include Foursquare and Pinterest.

13. Attach Social Media Icons to Your Emails

One way to ensure that a lot of people are aware of the existence of your social media accounts is through the use of emails.

If you already have a habit of sending emails to your subscribers on a monthly basis, there is something you have to add to this.

Attach social media icons to your emails. You never can tell who will be interested in checking you out.

14. Give Out Free Stuff

In as much as thereis no guarantee that everyone loves freebies, most people do.

You should, therefore, take advantage of this to improve your presence on social media.

Giving people things on social media usually makes them want to keep following you.

You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to do this.

You can give them little stuff that they will appreciate.

15 Keep Your Audience Engaged

No one wants to be left unattended to. Your audience are not an exception.

If you want your audience to always be available to support you, you have to give them as much attention as you can.

With this in mind, you should always respond when anyone comments on your post or puts up a post about your brand.

In addition to responding to posts, you can set contests and quizzes. And, of course, you should reward winners.

16. Ensure your Contents are optimized

When you make posts on social media, they do not just end on social media.

They can be picked by search engines such as Google.

You can take advantage of this to build your social media presence.

You can do this by making relevant key words a part of any post you make on social media

17. Take Advantage of Physical Locations

You do not have to rely on the internet to build your social media presence.

If you own a store, it can also be used to improve on your social media presence.

You can get this done by putting good looking posters inside your store as well as on your store’s windows.

On this posters, you should have your social media handles.

The fact that these posters are good looking will make people look at them.

And when they do, they will see your social media handles.

18. Don’t Keep Your Audience Waiting for too long

To stay relevant on social media, you have to post regularly.

If you make it a habit to post regularly, you can always leave your audience looking forward to your posts.

In as much as it is good to post regularly on social media, it is important that you do not overdo it.

If you posts too frequently, your audience might feel like you are overloading them with too much information.

19. Stay Personal

Your audience want to connect with you on a personal level.

As a result of this, you should get to know what their names and address them by their names.

Doing this will always make them notice whatever post you put up.

That is not all. When replying by our audience, ensure you are always genuine and do not make use of templates.

20. Learnt to Treat Complaints the Right way

Your customersmight not always be right.

Nevertheless, you have to treat them like they are never wrong.

Always make an effort not to sweep their complaints under the carpet.

In addition to this, always respond to them promptly.

Automated replies might seem efficient, they, however, will take away the personal touch that your audience love and want to get from you.

21. Get Your Audience to share Your Hashtag

Getting an increased number of followers is only difficult when you do not do the right thing.

There are lots of things you can do to have an increase in followers.

One of them is getting the followers you already have to make use of your branded hash tags.

When they do this, they will definitely attract more people to your brand, ultimately helping your brand grow.

To get the best about of this practice, you can make it a norm to reward your followers occasionally

22. Remember no Two Social Media Networks are the same

It might appear like you can achieve the same thing with the use of various social media networks.

That notwithstanding, you should treat them as separate networks that they are.

This includes handling them separately and putting up contents that will appeal to the group of people on each of these networks.

An example of this is posting on Twitter and Instagram.

On twitter, pictures might not do so much good. However, on Instagram, pictures can market themselves properly

23. Pay for Promos

There is nothing unethical about paying for promos.

After trying to get people to follow you without much success, it is okay to make use of paid promotions to gain followers.

It is possible to pay for advertisements on the various available social media platforms.

You can take advantage of this to reach an increased number of people on the various social media platforms.

24. Work with Influencers

Influenced marketing is not exactly new to social media. 

Regardless of this, it appears to have picked up traction in very recent times.

A lot of brands, individuals and firms make use of social media influencers to get their products to their target audience.

Influencers can do quite a lot for you.

They can help you get new followers and make the right amount of sales.

25. Take the Initiative to build a better social media presence

There are lotsof ways to build your presence on social media.

All these ways have been around and are very effective.

Nevertheless, they will not really work if you just sit back and relax.

As far as building a strong presence on social media is concerned, you have to take the initiative.

You can’t always wait for others to come interact with you. You have to make the move to also interact with them.

There are indeed certain times when other brands will reach out to you.

You, however, can’t wait for this.


Nothing good comes really easy.

You have to always bear this in mind while trying to grow your social media presence.

When looking to improve your presence on social media, it might seem like an uphill task initially.

Nevertheless, with the right level of persistence you will always be successful.

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