Best Email Marketing Services To Speed Up Your Sales And Revenue.

Get your prospect to move smoothly from one stage of the sales funnel to the next without hassle.

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Why You Need The Best Email Marketing Services

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1. email marketing help you reach a global audience

With email marketing, you can reach a global audience at the same time through one email you send. It help grow your brand awareness.

2. Email marketing is cost effective.

Compared to other ways of sending personalized emails. email marketing is cost effective. you can send emails to over 5000 people for just $20 per month depending on the service provider.

3. Email marketing has unrivalled returns

According to research, for every $1 you invest in emails you get $40 dollar returns. Email list is a goldmine, thats why marketers say the money is in the list.

4. Email marketing is easy to measure

We will help you measure your progress through out the email campaign. We will track performance and improve on areas necessary to increase you ROI.

5. Email marketing will help speed up your sales

You can increase your sales significantly just by leveraging on email marketing. We will deploy strategies that will be tailored to achieving your goals and objectives.

6. It help you deliver targeted messages.

With our email marketing services, we will help you deliver targeted emails to a specific audience. Hence sending the right messages to relevant audience

How Our Email Marketing Services Will Help You Grow

Develop an email marketing strategy

Our first point of action is to setup an email marketing strategy for you. We will send you a questionnaire to define the why, how and what your business is all about. We will research your audience to determine who your buyer persona is and help you find ways to move them down the marketing funnel.

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Create Lead magnets

Next up, we will help and guide you in creating lead magnets to seek permission for visitors to give their emails. These include offering a free ebook, checklist, webinar, guide etc.

Create appealing call to action

We will also assist you in making sure that there are relevant call to action on your website. These ranges from an hello bar to a popup and even a section on your homepage.

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Start advertising campaign

Advertisement is the fastest way to grow your email list. You will need our expertise in social media marketing and search engine marketing to do this. We will advertise your lead magnets on social media and search engine and also endeavour to send visitors to a landing page were they will be converted to leads.

Use reliable email marketing software

We don’t just provide the best email marketing services, we strive to make you smile. Our agency will recommend a reliable email marketing software provider to you. We want to make sure that your emails are sent to inbox and not spam folder. This software providers will enable you get the leads and allow you send emails to them.

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Design email newsletters

Now that we understand your business, our email marketing specialist will design your newsletters and adopt industrial best practices to ensure deliverability, open rates, click through rates and conversion of your emails newsletters.

Conduct Email Maintenance

Email maintenance is vital for effective email marketing. Our agency will ensure you don’t have a bad list (this are subscribers who don’t engage with your content). We will monitor your contacts and engagement on a regular basis.

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Give Periodic Email Marketing Reprt

We believe in transparency. We will give you updated report on the performance of your email campaigns. The metric we measure includes open rate, subscribers, click through rates and conversion.