Digital Marketing Specialist | Everything you Need to Know

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A digital marketing specialist is a professional that plays the role of assisting a digital media manager.

They provide the needed assistance when digital media managers design and carry out a firm’s digital media plans.

Basically, the job description of a digital marketing specialist is to work with a firm’s marketing team.

While working with a firm’s marketing team, the digital marketing specialist is in charge of executing the plans of the firm’s marketing team.

A digital marketing specialist makes use of some of the most recent digital marketing methods in ensuring that a firm’s digital media plans are effectively carried out.

Advertising is a lot different now from what it used to be.

A lot of firms have moved from carrying out advertising the generally accepted way.

They now take advantage of the provision of online content to ensure that it becomes easy for their target customers to locate them.

With this, firms need the presence of digital marketing specialists to develop a brand image, as well as ensure that a trusted marketing campaign is made use of.

A digital marketing specialist does not have to be in a box.

They choose to take on whatever role they feel most comfortable with.  Some of the areas that digital marketing specialist can decide to specialize in are paid search (PPC),search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and display image.

Apart from being a specialist, a digital marketing specialist can decide to function in all the above named areas.

What exactly does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

The function of a digital marketing specialist are not very different from those of a marketing professional.

One of the major functions of a digital media specialist is to promote the services and products of a firm, as well as to bring about an increase of the existence of a brand.

They do this through the use of trending technology channels.

With the use of various technology platforms, digital marketing specialist are able to convert a firm’s business goals into marketing campaigns general regarded as successful.

They are able to make this happen because they have a deep understanding of the needs of the average consumer.

In addition to having an understanding of the needs of consumers, digital marketing specialists also are aware of the latest consumer trends which every firm needs to make the right decision.

To be a successful digital marketer, there are certain skills that you should possess.

Some of these skills include;

  • Being in possession of presentation, as well as creative skills
  • Being skilled at planning, creating, and carrying out marketing strategies
  • Should have a knowledge of marketing at its core
  • Should be aware of the latest marketing trends
  • Should be able to develop a strong social presence

Where can a digital marketing specialist work?

Digital marketing specialists can function in different sectors of the economy.

They can decide to start up their own firms and function as consultants, they can also choose to work for various agencies without being a full time employee of any.

Digital marketing specialists can work in various sectors of the economy as search engine optimization marketing specialists, internet marketing specialists, digital sales executive, etc.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

A lot of people in the society we live in today have dreams of become digital marketing specialists.

So, if you fall into the class of people that have dreams of becoming digital marketing specialists, we have you covered.

Becoming a digital marketing specialist is not a very difficult thing to do.

The basic reason for this ease in becoming a digital marketing specialist is the presence of the internet.

The internet has become a major part of the lives of a lot of people.

To a fairly large extent, it has replaced books, television, newspapers, and radios.

People make use of the internet for various reasons.

Popular among them are entertainment, communication, expressing themselves, and for sourcing information.

Now, due to the large presence of people on the internet, it is relatively easy for digital marketing specialists to connect with people through the use of the internet.

In a much as this looks very easy on paper, it is not entirely easy.

To become a successful digital marketing specialist, it is important that you are able to get the attention of people both when the setting is right and when the time is right.

And for this to happen, you should have the right strategy for digital marketing.

The process of becoming a digital marketing specialist

digital marketing guru

Too become a digital marketing specialist in this age and time, you will have to give a lot of time to studying.

As it is one of the ways to have a perfect understanding of the workings of digital marketing and the tools that are needed to carry out digital marketing.

Unlike other jobs which play very important roles in various sectors of the economy, the job of a digital marketing specialist is not one that necessarily needs a university degree.

Also, a diploma is not needed. This is because digital marketing does not play by rules contained in books.

Rather than functioning by the rules contained in books, the job of a digital marketer is one that is dependent on latest trends and instinct.

Steps in becoming a digital Marketer

There are various steps that everyone that wants to become a digital marketing specialist has to go through.

In as much as there are lots of information on the internet about how to become a digital marketing specialist, intending digital marketing specialists will still need to follow certain steps as this makes the entire process a lot easier.

That being said, lets walk through the steps in becoming a digital marketing specialist.

Make it a habit to visit digital marketing blogs

It is impossible to become a digital marketing specialist if you do not know what digital marketing is all about.

As a result of this, to have a perfect understanding of digital marketing concepts, you will have to go through the many available digital marketing tutorials and also visit digital marketing blogs.

The digital marketing niche is not a very straightforward one. So, the earlier you begin reading about digital marketing, the sooner you can become a digital marketing specialist.

If you are not sure where to start, you can begin from taking digital marketing classes on Udemy.

Begin practicing the things you have learnt

To be a digital marketing specialist, you must have a vast knowledge about SEO as it is one of the major parts of digital marketing.

The implication of this is you should carry out a research on the topics you have any form of interest in.

The next thing to do is get a list of articles you are interested in writing about begin writing search engine optimized articles.

You should also make a list of the keywords which appear the most and write about them.

Start a blog or create a website

Owning a blog is a major part of being a digital marketing specialist.

When looking to set up a blog, you should come up with a catchy name for the blog.

This name should be dependent on what topics you are interested in writing about.

Once you have been able to come up with a unique name for your blog, you should go ahead to get your domain registered.

This is in addition to subscribing to a plan with which you intend hosting your blog.

When buying a domain, it is best to buy a “.com” domain.

The next thing to be done is to install a word press theme. This could be paid for or free.

The choice is yours. Ensure you build a responsive website as a lot of people now make use of mobile devices in visiting sites and not personal computers.

Get your website verified

Now that you have a website, you will need to get your website submitted for Google crawling. Get this done by signing up with Google Search Console

Make use of Google Analytics

With Google analytics, it is possible for you to know how your website is doing.

Sign up to Google analytics and get it installed to make this happen.

You can know the amount of visitors to your site and where the visitors to your site visited from.

Make use of social media

If you are interested in the creation of video content, you will have to be active on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

digital marketing expert

Basically, the salary of a digital marketing specialist is dependent on two factors.

These factors are the level of the digital marketing specialist, as well as the state the digital marketing specialist resides in.

A digital marketing specialist can earn on various levels.

A digital marketing specialist’s level is basically dependent on how long they have been digital marketing specialists and their skill level.

  • At the highest level, digitalmarketing specialists earnabout $67,932 annually.
  • Senior level digital marketingspecialist earn $49,692 annually
  • At mid-level, digital marketing specialists earn $39, 464 annually
  • Junior level digital marketing specialist earn 34,364 annually
  • At beginner level, digital marketing specialists earn $332,370 annually.


The job of a digital marketing specialist might seem glamorous when look at from a distance.

Well, the truth remains it is a high pressure job which is very target oriented.

The implication of this is one that can’t meet continuous targets will be unable to function as a digital marketing specialist.

Let me know what you thing about digital marketing specialist in the comment below.

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