How to Post on Linkedin to Grow your Audience

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how to post on linkedin

Although not considered to be a social media platform by a lot of people,

LinkedIn is actually a social media platform.

However, unlike other social media platforms that are more fun oriented,

LinkedIn is business oriented and appears to be a platform setup strictly for professionals.

As a professional, if you are in search of a platform that can help you network with professionals both in your field and in other fields,

LinkedIn is that platform.

Well, it is one thing to know about the existence of LinkedIn and another to have an account, as well as know how to post on LinkedIn.

Posting on LinkedIn is not so different from posting on other social media platforms. Nonetheless, we have taken out time to put together an article which can help you post on LinkedIn even if you are joining for the first time.

The following tips will help you post on LinkedIn in the right way.

How frequently should you post on LinkedIn?

How to Post on Linkedin

There are no hard and fast rules to how often you can post on LinkedIn.

If you must make an impact with your posts on LinkedIn, you have to be very consistent with your posts on LinkedIn.

This is because with the increase in frequency of your posts comes a likelihood of being noticed by other people on LinkedIn.

Now, these does not in any way imply that it is okay to share one post a couple of times daily.

To get the best results from posting on LinkedIn, you should make your posts a number of times each week.

You can do this in a lot of different ways.

This might either be through making a brief video about latest developments with a project you are handling.

In could also be through putting up a brief post about what you think of a news headline.

You can post content across various niches

On LinkedIn, while you are most likely going to make more sense if you make posts that relate to your career, there is no rule that states that you have to only make posts which are related to your career.

You can post in any topic you are knowledgeable about.

You could do this by giving nuggets on how people can have a balanced work life or by saying g what you think about anything that is trending.

This is even more relevant if it is something trending in the business world.

You get to choose the form of your posts

how to post in linkedin

Your post can come in any form you choose.

The form your post comes in is absolutely dependent on the set of people you are targeting, as well as the topic you are writing about.

If your aim of putting up a post is to pass some deep knowledge, you most likely will be able to do so with the use of articles and not short videos or photos.

However, if you need to let people in on how your day is going, a video will be most appropriate.

How to Post On Linkedin and Why you Should take posting on LinkedIn seriously?

A lot of people that are very active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are aware of the existence of LinkedIn, still, a lot of them treat it like it is not a social media platform.

LinkedIn might seem unattractive from the exterior.

That, however, does not in anyway mean it is not a platform to be on.

LinkedIn might not seem as attractive as other social media platforms.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of money to be made on this platform.

For certain people that are very active on this platform, LinkedIn is responsible for a lot of the income they make through social media.

You might think that making money on LinkedIn is fluke.

Well, if you think so, you are absolutely wrong.

You know why, on LinkedIn, you are more likely to meet major decision makers than on other social media platforms.

A lot of people that visit LinkedIn regularly do so because they need facts and information that they can use in getting their businesses to the next level.

As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is known to give out more over 50% of traffic for B2B content.

Types of LinkedIn Profiles

linkedin marketing

Two of the basic forms of LinkedIn profiles are personal LinkedIn profiles and company LinkedIn profiles.

These two profiles have the same basic uses. However, one is corporate while the other is personal.

1. Personal LinkedIn Profiles

For people that are not so used to being on LinkedIn, the personal posts area of LinkedIn is perhaps one place they are most familiar with.

In very much the same way as you update your Facebook news feeds, you can decide to make updates on LinkedIn.

Doing so is regarded as one of the easiest ways to post on LinkedIn

The most familiar area on LinkedIn is probably the personal posts.

Just like your news feed on Facebook or Twitter, you can post updates and content here.

There are some differences between LinkedIn and these other platforms though.

Experiment and try all the different post types to see what works best for you!

2. Posting on Company Page

A company page on LinkedIn definitely sounds different from a personal page.

Well, it does not just sound different, it is actually different.

Regardless of the difference between a company page and a personal page on linkedin, the same procedures can be followed when posting on the both of them.

Different Ways of Posting on LinkedIn

Just like other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, posting on LinkedIn can take different forms.

Some of the most famous forms through which post can be made on LinkedIn are through videos, photos, and text based posts.

1. Text based posts

Making text based posts is an ideal way to make a post that is made up of about 3000 characters.

Now, while making a text based post, ensure that you are not under pressure to write up to 3000 characters.

When making posts that are long, there is a huge likelihood that you might make some topographical errors.

As a result of this, it is very important that you take out time to go through all your posts.

There are lots of ways to do this.

You can decide to make use of grammarly or make use of a word processing tool while writing.

Once you are done writing, you can move the article to LinkedIn by copying and pasting

Also, if you want a certain group of people to come in contact with your content, you can do so by making use of hashtags for your posts.

When making use of hash tags, ensure that you put them just after a post.

This way, hash tags can ensure that your post is seen by people without causing any disruption as they read through.

2. Photo posts on LinkedIn

Articles are not the only thing you can post on LinkedIn.

You can make posts of photos on LinkedIn.

When making a posts of a photo, the ideal image size that you should post is 1200 x 627 pixels.

While making posts of photos on LinkedIn, you have to ensure that they meet certain criteria.

They should be of high quality and also relevant to the information you are passing.

3. Video posts on LinkedIn

Posting videos on LinkedIn is not something that a lot of people do.

When compared to the amount of people that post videos on other social media platforms, it can be said that just very few people post videos on LinkedIn.

The implication of this is you will standout from the crowd if you decide to begin posting videos non LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has certain guidelines that should be followed when posting videos.

It is, therefore, important that you follow those guidelines.

Some of the guidelines that you should follow when posting videos are:

The videos can come in various formats.

Those formats, however, must be any of the following; ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, QuickTime, and WebM formats only.

The videos must not be less than 75KB and must not be more than 5GB

The videos must not be less than 3 seconds long and must not be more than 10 minutes long.

Just like making posts on LinkedIn, when posting videos, quality should be your focus. This is because a lot of people on LinkedIn are more concerned with quality and not gimmicks.

4. Giving ‘kudos’ on LinkedIn

“Kudos” is a type of post you can also put up on LinkedIn.

It is quite different from the regular posts you can make on LinkedIn because it cannot be scheduled.

It can only be posted organically.

“Kudos”, just as its name states is a perfect way to recognise people on LinkedIn.

They could be people you have had a business transaction with, they could also be your employees or even your employer.

This kind of post is one way you can build relationships with other people on LinkedIn.


There you have it, simple tips to help you post on LinkedIn the right way.

All you need to do is adhere to these tips and you will have no struggle posting on LinkedIn.

How do you post on linkedin?

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