How to Sell on Instagram – 7 Proven Tricks that work.

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After Facebook, Instagram is the second most populated social media platform.

Every month, Instagram has an average of 700 million users.

This is simply amazing isn’t it?

Instagram appears to be growing very rapidly and is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Well, it is not enough to appreciate the figures that are associated with Instagram.

It is important to capitalize on them. This can be done by selling on Instagram.

Although not everyone on Instagram is active and is willing to make purchases on Instagram, the number of people that are active members of Instagram is enough for anyone that is willing to take advantage of the existence of this amazing social media platform to make lots of money.

It is one thing to know that products can be sold on Instagram and another to know exactly how to go about the sale of products on Instagram.

That being said, lets begin

How to Sell on Instagram

How to sell on instagram

To sell on instagram, there are some vital things you need to do in order for it to be effective and make you drive more sells.

1. Make use of a business profile

Converting your profile into a business profile is the very first thing you should do when looking to sell on Instagram.

This is not something difficult to do.

Nonetheless, a lot of people that own businesses and are interested in selling on Instagram always seem interested in skipping this step.

By changing your regular Instagram profile to a business profile, you are able to have access to lots of selling options.

We will talk about this options in a bit.

However, before doing so, l will walk you through the process of converting your regular Instagram handle to a business profile.

To make the important switch from a regular profile to business profile, the first thing that should be done is to log into your account.

Once done, click on the button which has the appearance of a cheeseburger.

The next thing to do is click on settings. This is located at the bottom right of your screen.

Finally, move down to “switch to business”. And you are on your way to start selling on Instagram.

The business profile on Instagram has certain features.

Some of them are:

Facebook Alignment:

This feature makes it possible to link your Instagram business profile with your Facebook business page.

When you do this, you can go on and run ads with the use of ads manager.

Instagram insights: Getting to have access to details of your followers on Instagram is not entirely easy.

This, of a truth might be hard.

Nonetheless, Instagram insights can assist you in getting the job done very smoothly.

With Instagram insights, you can have access to details such as website clicks and profile visits.

That is not all, with Instagram insights, you can also tell, the location, gender, and age of your followers.

CTA button: This is positioned just under your bio.

Because of its presence, visitors to your page can contact you and get directed to your business.

2. Make use of hashtags appropriately

A lot of business owners that have accounts on Instagram are very much interested in getting across to lots of people.

A lot of them, however, do not have an idea about how to go about this.

More often than not, business owners are so serious minded that they consider hashtags to be only suitable for people that want to have fun on Instagram.

Well, regardless of what your opinion is, hashtags on Instagram are not just for unserious people.

Business owners can get a lot out of using them.

As a matter of fact, any business owner on Instagram that wants to make a long and lasting impact through the use of organic Instagram campaigns will have to make use of hash tags.

As a business owner that makes use of hashtags on Instagram, it becomes really easy to reach people that were not your followers on Instagram at the time you made a post.

Sometimes getting the right hashtag for your post might not be so easy.

Nonetheless, there are lots of ways to get the right hashtag for your post.

When looking to make use of hash tags that are relevant to what you intend posting, simply go to

Discover, search, tags, and then carryout a search for hashtags which have something in common with your post.

Doing this will help you discover the number of posts that have made use of such hashtag.

To get the best out of the use of hashtags, you should make use of high posting volume hashtags and low posting volume hashtags.

3. How to sell on instagram with facebook Ads

Irrespective if what your budget is, you just have to run ads.

While running ads on Instagram, you might want to run your ads alongside Facebook ads or just limit them to Instagram.

Irrespective of how you want to go about running your ads, you will have to carry out your setup in campaign ads manager.

how to sell on instagram with facebook

4. Take advantage of Instagram shopping

There are lots of benefits associated with Instagram shopping.

These many benefits even become pronounced if you are transporting physical products from one point to another.

Although the many benefits which are associated with using Instagram shopping might be amazing, they cannot be enjoyed by individuals that offer services.

Only individuals that offer physical produce can enjoy them.

Shopping posts can be likened to organic posts.

The only difference between the two is when you click on shopping posts, what is revealed is the name of products, as well as their prices.

That is not all.

When your followers tap the tags which are revealed, it directs them to a page which contains all of the product descriptions, as well as CTA.

5. Work with influencers on instagram

The place of influencers on social media cannot be over emphasised.

Influencer marketing is available across all social media platforms.

Nonetheless, it enjoys prominence on Instagram.

A lot of people that sell physical goods make use of it in promoting their products.

The simple reason for this is your followers are more likely to buy your goods when those goods are associated with influencers even in the slightest way.

6. Organise Contests on instagram

One way to always keep your followers glued to your page in by organising contests.

While there are various ways to organise contests on Instagram, when you do so with images that are very appealing and also make the prizes to be won common knowledge, you can be certain that your followers will not want to leave your page.

When posting photos that have anything to do with the contests you are organising, to have a turnout that is beyond the people that follow you on Instagram, endeavour to make use of hashtags for each photo related to your contest.

Although you put in a lot of work on to making money from Instagram, you should be generous enough to share some of the money you have made with your followers.

They are the ones that have helped you make money.

As a result of this, it will not be bad if you give back to them even if it is in very little ways.

7. Create Reminders about the Deals you Offer

Want to get your followers to always think about the products you are selling on Instagram?

There are simple and effective ways to get this done.

You can do this by constantly posting pictures and stories about the deals that you have to offer your followers.

While posting pictures and videos on your Instagram stories, make your followers know the amount of an item that you have sold already and how many are remaining.


Have you taken out time to go through this post?

If yes, you are on your way to making some money on Instagram.

This, however, will only be a reality if you have an account on Instagram.

If you don’t, the first thing you need to do is open an account on Instagram and you are on your way to making sales on Instagram.

What methods do you use when selling on instagram?

Leave a comment below and do not forget to share this article on social media.

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