How to Write an About Us Page

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An about us page is unarguably one of the most important pages on your website or your blog.

The reason for this is pretty straight forward.

If you are able to come up with a top quality about us page, you are on your way to having a very well established brand in whatever industry you find yourself.

Just the way an about us page is very vital for the success of any blog, it actually is also not so easy to write.

A lot of website owners struggle to write their about us page and end up coming up with something that is not so catchy because they do not know how to write an about us page.

You see, it is easy to want to skip an about us page because you are not sure of how to create a very catchy one.

Nonetheless, if you must be regarded as an expert in whatever industry you find yourself, having an about us page is absolutely non-negotiable.

In case you do not know what an about us page is, an about us page is basically a page on your blog or website specially designed to help individuals visiting your blog or website know a lot about your brand at one sitting.

This page might not be so easy to come up with.

That, regardless, as soon as you are able to understand how it works, writing an about us page can become second nature.

How to Write an About Us Page

How to Write an About Us Page

in order to write an about us page, the following points must be considered vividly.

Focus on Your Visitors

As humans, it is perfectly normal to want to put ourselves first.        

Regardless of this, when writing an about us page, it is important that the focus is entirely on visitors to your page and not on you.

In as much as paying attention is one very easy way to come up with a catchy about us page, it sometimes does not work with every kind of brand.

So, if your brand is one which might function at its optimum by clearly giving the attention to visitors, there are certain things to do to ensure that your about us page still stays focused on your customers.

To ensure that your visitors feel comfortable on your page as soon as they come in contact with your about us page, it is important that the first sentence on your about us page is dedicated to the problems of your visitors.

Stating the major purpose why your visitors are on your site is one action which can make them know that you are trying to proffer solutions to their needs.

While writing an about us page, it is important that you avoid boasting, when trying to market your brand, it is better to deal with obvious facts.

Include your Customer’s Testimonials

It is easier for visitors to your page to believe comments about your brand, products, or services from other customers that have made use of them in the past.

If you are looking to release very valuable information that you are certain will attract a lot of people to your brand after going through your about us page, to get the best out of this move, it is best to write down some of your customer’s testimonials on your page.

When doing this, it is really expedient that you write the full name of your client, as well as other details that will make their testimonials credible.

If it is possible to attach photos of your customers to their testimonials, you should go on and do this.

If you have received any form of awards or accreditations from your customers, it is important that you include this in your about us page.

Your Page should be Pleasing to the Eyes

Your about us page should not only contain very relevant information.

It should also contain contents such as videos and photos which are pleasing to the eyes.

Although the information on your about us page can make people take your page seriously, something might be needed to attract them.

To get your visitors glued to your about us page, you should have really catchy photos and videos on your about us page.

There are various types of photos you can make use of.

You do not have to limit yourself to photos of just your team members in the office.

You can make use of photos of your team members while in the field.

You Have to Come Up with a story

I am most certain that not every brand has a story that is catchy.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to tell an amazing story.

When looking to tell a story, you need to pay attention to the things that make your brand stand out.

Your story can begin with your journey into the industry you find yourself and how you have been able to grow from one level to the next gradually.

While telling your story, it is great to accompany it with lots of photos.

Accompanying each segment of the story with photos can help your clients better appreciate the progress you have made over time.

Why is this so? The simple reason for this is as your firm progresses, the quality of pictures are bound to change also.

Your brand might be very big now and might have no form of similarity with where you started from.

Regardless of this, you should not be ashamed to let people see where you came from.

Making people know where you came from makes it easier for them to appreciate your progress.

While writing a story about your firm, it is not compulsory that you spell out absolutely everything.

It is okay if you stick to important key points.

Your Address Should be on your About us page

The internet can be said to be a blessing, as well as a curse.

A lot of people have lost properties to fraudsters on the internet and are always paranoid when having any form of dealings over the internet.

As a result of this, it is important that you leave an address of some sort for your prospective clients.

Also, if you do not mind, you should go on and put in your full address.

A lot of people might not be willing to do business with a firm that they are not sure has an address.

In addition to having your address on your about us page, it is important that you have your contact clearly written on your about us page.

This should include an email address and social media handles.

Your About us Page has to represent your Brand

While looking to create an about us page that is generally regarded as catchy, it is important that you do not forget what your company really stands for.

If you forget what your company really stands for while writing an about us page, irrespective of what the about us page looks like, it won’t be regarded as successful if it is not a reflection of your company.

Don’t Make Use of Jargons

Your about us page is not a place for only professionals from your industry.

When you make use of jargons on your about us page, it might look like you pay attention to details.

Nonetheless, people that are not from your industry might lose interest in spending time on your about us page.

When people come to your about us page, their major aim is to get to know about your firm and the services that you offer in the simplest way possible.

So, to ensure that the visitors to your page are not confused when they go through the content of your about us page, try as much as possible to follow convention when you write.

While it is not compulsory that you write in any style in particular, irrespective of the style that you choose to write with, ensure that your audience can easily relate to your about us page.

Seek People’s Opinions

Sometimes as a business owner you might not be exactly sure why you stand out from other business in your industry.

Now, if you are not sure why you stand out from the other businesses in your industry, you might not be able to come up with an about us page that is really captivating.

So, if you are not certain what the special qualities of your business is, it is okay if you talk to your employees, clients, and friends and ask them what ways they think your business stands out.

As soon as you discover the ways your brand differs from other brands in your industry, this should be your major focus when writing your about us page.

Why is an about us page important?

There are lots of companies on the face of the earth.

Some are better ranked than others. Nonetheless, no two companies have the same story.

An about us page can help you tell your story to your target audience and stand out from other firms in your industry.


So, here it is, a simple guide on writing an about us page.

Do you think you now have an understanding of how to go about an about us page?

If you do, you can go ahead and create one right away.

To have a better understanding of writing an about us page, you can go through some About Us page examples which are all over the internet

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