How to Write Faster | 9 Professional Tips

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how to write faster better

The question “how to write faster” is one that is frequently asked by lots of writers.

Over the years, lots of talented writers have sort for ways to increase their writing speed all in a bid to meet an ever increasing demand.

If you fall into the categories of writers that are trying to write faster, you are on the right page.

Contained in this article are simple ways to help you increase your writing speed.

Let’s get to know them.

9 Professional tips on How to Write Faster

1. Write From your Head

When writing, it is quite a norm to carry out your research and get all your facts right before going on to begin the actual writing.

In as much as this is not a bad thing, it has a way of slowing you down.

So, if you are writing with the aim of beating time, you have to find a way around this.

You can actually decide to write from the content of your head before going on to carry out any research.

While writing from your head, whenever you are stuck and you can’t seem to get the right information from your head, make use of the term “TK”.

“TK” simply means “to come”.

It is usually used when you intend coming back to a composition either to make it better or add some more information to it.

Now, there is a likelihood that some people might forget that “TK” is not a part of their write up.

Nevertheless, one amazing thing is there really is nothing like “TK” in English.

With this, it will be easy to come back.

2. Avoid Going to the Restroom

It is very natural to feel the urge to pee occasionally.

In as much as nature will always seek to express itself in different ways, it can come with certain disadvantages for writers.

When writing with the aim of meeting a deadline, getting up to go to the restroom might be a distraction in itself.

With this in mind, if you want to get your work done faster, you might have to skip bathroom breaks.

Now, skipping bathroom breaks does not mean you won’t feel the urge to urinate anymore.

It, however, will keep you at the edge of your seat and make you write much faster as completing the job at hand will be the only reason you will be getting up from your seat to use the restroom.

3. Disable Red Lines

Having red lines on your work can be a perfect way to write very slowly.

Red lines can come up when you write for a lot of reasons.

Some of these reasons are things that you just have to address.

Other are issues that are not very important.

An example of an issue that is not very important is a red line appearing when you make use of a word that is not contained in the English dictionary but not necessarily wrong.

An example of this is the name of a person or the name of a place.

Red lines which indicate that a word is not spelt correctly play an important role inhelping you write right.

Well, in additionto helping you write right, they are a major distraction when you are in the flow.

If red lines have slowed you down, you can take care of them once and for all.

An easy way to do this is to turn them off. If you never knew that they could be turned off, now you know.

When you are done writing, you can turn them on again and edit what you have written.

4. Buy Yourself a Faster Pen

You might be of the opinion that there is really no difference between the available pens in the market.

Well, it is interesting how some pens can help you write faster than others.

If you fall into the category of writers that like to take down notes on a sheet of paper before going on to type, you might actually have to get yourself a faster pen.

As a writer, there are different types of pens you can have access to.

Some of them are the rollerball pen which helps you write fast and is not so expensive,

Fountain pens which help you write very fast, are expensive, and not very easy to get used to.

You can also make use of the speed pen or the very common ballpoint pen.

Off all these pens, Fountain pens will help your writing speed the most, roller-ball pens are next, speed pens follow, and then ballpoint pens.

5. Edit only when you are Done Writing

Editing while writing is a habit that a lot of writers have.

Whilst this habit might mean they are perfectionists, it is a perfect way to write slowly.

Editing while writing might make it appear like you will have very well written articles.

Nonetheless, you can have perfectly written articles simply by editing when you are done writing.

The amazing thing about editing after writing is you might not even have a lot to correct when you are done writing.

Your write up might turn out to be almost as perfect as the work you will come up with if you edit while writing.

Now, this is how it works: if you are able to successfully resist the urge edit while writing, it will boost your confidence.

When your confidence gets boosted, you naturally are able to express yourself in written words faster.

6. Avoid Social Media and Mails

There are certain writers that are unable to completely write one article without checking their mail or visiting any of their social media accounts.

Although it is okay to check your email as well as social media every now and then, doing so while writing is a major distraction even for the most serious writers and can go a long way in slowing them down.

Well, there are ways to block out distractions while writing. You can make use of OmmWriter.

This is a program that keeps all files, as well as applications that you do not need for writing away until you are done writing. In addition to keeping distractions away,

OmmWriter also helps you enjoy soothing sounds while writing. This sound comes in form of music and makes nice sound with each tap of your keyboard.

7. You do not always have to stick to a Schedule

It is a good thing to have a schedule and follow it.

Whilst having a schedule can keep you very organised, it can also put you in a box and make unproductive.

I know it is quite ironical how a “schedule” which is supposed to keep you very organised and productive can actually make you unproductive.

Well, it remains a fact that it can. So, how is this possible?

Picture this, you are scheduled to write an article by 12 noon.

Your alarm rings and you go to your table to begin writing.

You sit on your desk and are unable to come up with anything meaningful because you are not exactly in the right state of mind to write.

A lot of writers go through the above scenario regularly and instead of taking a short break and coming back, they go on with the struggle.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, it is best to avoid writing when there is no source of inspiration as you will find yourself struggling to put words together.

And even if you are able to put words together, they might not make so much sense.

Next time you find yourself struggling while writing on a topic that you consider to be relatively easy,stop writing and take a break.

You do not always have to stick to the schedule.

8. Get Involved with Games that will help you Type Faster

A lot of freelance writer have the challenge of think much faster than they can actually type.

In as much as this might make them feel intelligent, it is not good for the job of a freelancer.

If you discover that you have a lot of ideas when writing but you are unable to keep up with the pace of your thoughts, you might consider playing games which will help with your typing speed.

This is so important because if you are unable to type fast, irrespective of how much knowledge you have about a certain field, you might not be able to meet your deadlines which will definitely make you appear ineffective.

At the moment, there are lots of sites which offer games for individuals that are interested in learning to type faster.

9. Challenge Yourself Occasionally on how to write faster

As a writer, I want to assume you know how many words you can finish in an hour.

This is definitely a good thing. Nevertheless, once in a while, you have to challenge yourself to finish up a blog post is a shorter time than you would normally do.

This might not turn out right initially.

However, with time, you will discover that you are getting better at it and have not only increased the number of words you can do in an hour but the efficiency of doing so.


In addition to all the above mentioned techniques of writing faster, you have to be in the right frame of mind if you must create amazing articles in a particular space of time.

If you are unsettled, you might not be able to get much done.

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