how to create loads of happy customers using the viable business blueprint.

viable business blueprint

This report will change the way you do business forever. 

It’s not about sharing the latest tactics and tricks to cajole people to buy from you.

If that’s what you came here for, you can click the exit button. No hard feelings!!!

But if you want to see a better way of marketing, go through this report and I promise you it won’t be a waste of time..

Without wasting much of your time let’s begin.

Conventional marketing has taught many how to coerce people into buying by all means with salesy and sleazy techniques..

You know what I mean. 

Those fancy landing pages, sales funnel, crazy persuasions and coercive sales copy just to sell products and services 

And at the bottom you’ll see a fake-timer clock indicating scarcity to push prospects to make a purchase.

The result of this kind of marketing is that It creates loads of unhappy customers.

I guess you must have bought something online from gurus who used these tactics to sell and you end up purchasing only to discover that what you just bought is “shitty” as hell.

Or you must have come across an ad promising to show you a way to improve your business.

But to get it you need to give your email address.

Only to find out it’s a piece of garbage after you must have given out your emails.

That could be frustrating.

I have experienced that and I can tell you it wasn’t funny.

Because the principles used in the first place don’t consider human empathy.

Here is why conventional marketing doesn’t work anymore.

We’re still using marketing tactics from the good old days.

Without questioning if that still works.

You see. Car models have change, engineering tools have change

There are new innovation’s but our marketing tactics and tricks still remain the same.

Consumers have grown wiser over time.

And if you are still inclined to using old marketing tactics in your business, you would end up with unhappy customers and your brand as a business will be hanging on the balance.

Whatever strategy you decided to use, ask this question, will it make your customers happy?

If the answer is no.

Don’t execute that strategy.


Marketing is about people.

And what’s the need of serving people if they end up being unhappy.

But if you want to build a whole new marketing strategy for your business.

A business that is durable, dependable, sustainable, scalable and viable.

Keep reading because in this report I will show you how to attract the right people to your world and turn them into happy customers

My objective today is to show you how to create a viable business that generates loads of happy customers

In todays world, everything look the same and it’s full of distraction.

Marketers are attention seekers.

They scream just to get attention.

What if I tell you that you can get noticed just by doing things differently.

Set yourself apart you will not only make money doing what I will show you but you will end up having happy customers.

And that’s the goal of every successful business.

So with that out of the way:

Let’s begin.

The four pillars of a viable business

There are 4 pillars to establishing a viable business.

A business that is durable, deep-rooted, predictable and scalable regardless of time and season.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused lots of businesses to fold up. 

To prevent your business from being affected by any uncertainty in the future, you must understand how to make your business recession proof.


These principles can be used in any business (Real estate, restaurant, fashion, finance, digital marketing, law, beauty, construction, consultancy, coach, etc)

It will help you create a system.

A system where every components works towards a greater good.

In the traditional business model, 1+1=2

But with a functional viable business system 1+1 can be equal to 5, 9 or more.

And yes that’s exponential growth.

To create a viable business you need to understand four key pillars.

A pillar is what support a system to function.

The four pillars are

Pillar 1 Change the way you approach business. (Mindset).

Mindset is the way you see the world. Your beliefs, philosophies, norms, values, fears, and desires, put together to determine your overall mindset. 

A good mindset propels you to greater heights.

And a bad mindset limits your progress.

Mindset comes before strategies.

Before you start implementing any strategy into your business you must first start with having the right mindset.

How can I get the right mindset?

You asked.

The right mindset is available to you when you are ready to implement it. (Yes! you have to be willing to drop what everyone else is doing)

The problem is that we are forced to always follow the crowd.

We stick to already made marketing principles.

Just because everyone else is doing it.

Repeat the last statement again.

You see, many people go into business with a flawed mentality.

And I don’t blame them, it’s what old marketing experts preach. 

I got to change the way I do business when I read Simon Simek’s book “infinite game”.

He explained that there are two types of games. Finite and infinite game.

The finite game

Finite game is a game where the players are known, the rules are fixed and the outcomes are known at the end of a specified time. Win or lose. Simple

Examples of finite games are football, baseball, basketball, boxing etc.

Each of these games have their own set of rules, and those who play this game are known and the outcome is either win or lose.

The players must abide with the rules in the game they play.

The problem is that people do business with the finite game mentality.

They see others as their competitors.

And the outcome is to beat the competitors.

Winner by all means

Anyone who wins celebrates and looks forward to yet another game. 

While those that lost get disappointed and try to see how to improve their “failing strategies’’ so as to win the next battle.

The vicious circle continues until they can’t bear it any longer and then closes shop.

It’s in this infinite game people use shady marketing tactics (fancy sales pages, lead magnet, fake timer, urgency and scarcity etc) to sell.

They want to win by all means possible.

Having no regards to the people they serve.

They become blinded by shinny objects.

The next hacks and tricks to grow a business. 

Oh! What a waste of resources.

Do not worry

There is a better way to do business.

And it start with having the right mindset (infinite


The infinite game

The infinite game is a game where the players are unknown, the rules are interchangeable and the outcome is to continue playing. 

Infinite players aim to improve themselves and not to tear others apart.

Read that statement again 3x.

Now continue.

It’s about cooperation and not competition. 

Friendship, marriages and business are in the category of infinite games.

The objective is to keep playing.

Simon Simek said “you can’t win a relationship, and that there is nothing like a winning business.”

When you have an infinite game mentality the aim of doing business is to keep playing in the future. 

You can change the rules in an infinite game at anytime. 

Because the sole purpose of a business is continuity.

What’s the point of you starting a business today and tomorrow you are going bankrupt.

In my days in the university studying accountancy, there is one concept in accounting which is called “going concern” which states that a business will be in operation for a foreseeable future and have the tendency to do so.

But businesses in today’s world have chosen the finite game jargons. 

Beat your competition, win by all means, capture market share etc. 

But the truth is that business is not a finite game

When you play with a finite mindset in an infinite game, you damage trust, you damage cooperation, and you damage innovation,” according to Simon Simek.

Here is the takeaway

Go for self improvement. 

Turn a close eye on competition. Focus on improving yourself.

“Finite players play to beat the players around them … infinite players play to be better than themselves.” — Simon Sinek

  1. Self improvement is not only personal development. It also includes improving your skills, creating better experiences for our customers, improving your products and solving problems.
  2. Embrace cooperation and repel competition. Don’t be scared when there are many people in your niche. It’s a sign that it’s lucrative. Use your uniqueness and create your own pool of viable audience and serve them with better experience.
  3. Look to the future. Remember the goal is to keep playing.  Always look for ways to make your business better. Ask questions like how can I make my business better next month, next year etc.

The goal is to create a pool of viable audience, serve them with your uniqueness and create happy customers.

“People like us do things like this”- Seth Godin

The second pillar is on the other side of this page.

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