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About Us

Who We Are

Greenedu Digital is a leading digital marketing agency located in Nigeria. Our mission is to help small and medium scale companies achieve their marketing goals through social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing channels. We also offer training services for corporate staff on digital marketing.

Greenedu Digital is owned by Greenedu Nigeria Limited a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC with a reg number Rc 1316859. 

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Why Greenedu Digital was Established

Digital marketing according to many business owners and entrepreneurs is difficult to grasp. And that’s the reason many struggle to achieve their marketing goals such as generating leads and eventually turning those leads if any into customers.

The reason for this is that digital marketing is very broad and attempting to master all aspect of it is like swimming across the ocean to the other end. And here is where Greenedu digital comes in. We  will make your journey to your marketing goals  hassle free with little or  no effort on your end. Greenedu Digital will do the hard work for you while you focus on growing your business.

Our team of experts are highly skilled to help you achieve your marketing goals such as brand awareness, increasing sales, and getting people to engage with your products.

Who is behind Greenedu Digital

Hope Pius is a seasoned SEO and digital marketing expert. He is a google analytic certified, Digital sales certified and Google adword certified.

He is capable and skilled in applying inbound social media strategy to achieve your business goals.

He has helped a lot of small and medium scale business grow their revenue with his proven SEO and Link building strategy.

His vision is to empower businesses to get found online, make more sales and grow exponentially through his proven digital marketing skills and techniques.

A gentleman by heart and a businessman to the core.

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greenedu CEO

SEO & Content Marketing

Our team will work on your SEO and content marketing, while you focus on other aspect of your business.


Do you want to drive sales through paid advertising? We got covered. Our team will help reach the right audience

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the fastest growing marketing channel. We will help you create campaign to Increase your ROI

Web Analytics

We carry out site audit to know the health of your website and optimized pages that are poorly optimized 

Web Design

We will help you build a well optimized website with great user experience both on desktop & mobile

Email Marketing

We will help you generate more leads and turns those leads into sales. Our team will help you achieve this

Brand Awareness

Are you seeking to be known in your niche? We will help you promote your brand and products


We provide quality training for your marketing team and anyone seeking to understand digital marketing 

Let Us Work Together

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