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Will Google Index My Subdomains?

Will Google Index My Subdomains?

Subdomains and how Google treats them are still hot topics in the SEO field. If you’re considering using subdomains but aren’t sure if Google will index and rank the material you post on them, keep reading. A “subdomain” is a section of a website’s architecture that exists at any level below the top-level domain name. Business do organise their contents using subdomains. They can, for example, run an e-commerce business on one domain and a blog on another. Subdomains, on the other hand, are treated as independent sites by Google. While “example.com” and “blog.example.com” share a root domain, Googlebot treats them as separate sites and crawls and indexes them appropriately. This has produced a great deal of uncertainty, which brings us to the big question: Does Google Index Subdomains?

Some clients often complain to their seo agency partners of not seeing some of their subdomain ranking. The simple answer is that Google can and will index and rank subdomains unless you specifically remove them from its index. Google’s whole business strategy is predicated on content discovery. The same may be said for all search engines. If a page has unique material and can be crawled/indexed, it will most likely be because it serves the search engine’s purpose.

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Will Google Index My Subdomains?

In fact, if Google did not index subdomains, its whole index would have few “www” webpages. This may seem strange since “www” sites are usually thought of as the norm online, but “www” sites are the most common subdomains. Despite the obvious indexation of millions of subdomains inside Google’s results, there are still unanswered issues regarding Google’s subdomain crawling and indexing. This is because the usage of subdomains can complicate and harm SEO efforts. While you should consider these considerations when deciding on your site layout and how it will affect your site’s SEO performance, they have no bearing on the core question of whether or not subdomains may rank in Google.

When Won’t a Subdomain Be Indexed?

While Google’s usual approach is to index subdomains, there are times when subdomains will not be indexed. These are some examples:

  • When there are no links to your subdomain.
  • Google finds and prioritizes URL indexation depending on links leading to such URLs. These links could come from other domains or from other subdomains on the same base domain that can be reached.
  • If Google doesn’t find connections to your subdomain when crawling your site or another site, it won’t be able to find it and hence won’t index it.

The only exceptions would be – if you submit your subdomain’s XML sitemap to Google via Google Search Console.

  • The URLs for your subdomain are included in your XML sitemap index. These would effectively serve as links to your subdomains.
  • If there were previously identified connections to your subdomain, but those links were later removed. In this case, the subdomain will most likely remain “stuck” in the index.

Noindex Tags are used on the subdomain.

If you mistakenly use a noindex tags on a particular page, you may expressly prevent particular URLs on your website from being indexed. SEO companies rarely make such mistakes, except when the page is under construction. But an individual DIY may do ignorantly. You may prevent a subdomain from being indexed by Google by using noindex meta tags or noindex HTTP response headers. A noindex tag allows Google and other search engines to browse a page and follow links, but requests that they not index it.

Keep in mind that if you wish to use this strategy properly, all of the pages on your subdomain must include the noindex tag within their individual HTML code files. Just add a noindex tag to the homepage of the subdomain, and your site won’t be indexed.

But there is rarely a reason for launching a site and not wanting it to rank. But of you notice you have a subdomain that has refused to show up on search engines, kindly reach out to your local SEO service provider for consultations. 

Will Google Index My Subdomains?

When Robots.txt has blocked the subdomain.

You may even prevent an entire subdomain from being indexed by amending the robots.txt file for that subdomain. We could use a robots.txt prohibit to make sure that Google never crawls or indexes a landing page or any other pages on the “start” subdomain.

This might look like: robots.txt example for preventing Google from indexing a subdomain.  This strategy only works if Google hasn’t previously indexed the subdomain.

If a subdomain has already been indexed, restricting it using the robots.txt file will just retain the version of the subdomain URLs that are already in Google’s index. Once the robots.txt file has been changed, use noindex tags or the URL removal request tool in Google Search Console to get rid of a subdomain that has already been indexed.

Please keep in mind that this strategy may not work for subdomains with a large number of internal and external links pointing to them. While the robots.txt command strongly advises Google not to index sites, if that signal is challenged by several links to the URL, Google may decide to index the URL regardless of the robots.txt directive. If Google crawls your subdomain even though you have a robots.txt directive, try taking out the block and putting meta noindex tags on all subdomain pages.

Looking for Site Architecture Assistance? P1 SEO Agency is on your side.

If you haven’t utilised a subdomain on your site because you weren’t sure if Google would index it, by making an SEO plan for each of your subdomains, you can rank high for the keywords you choose and get people to visit your subdomains.

And you don’t have to do it by yourself. If you don’t have a background in search engine optimisation, SEO website architecture might be quite perplexing. Simplify the process by working with an experienced SEO service to tackle Google SEO for subdomains. Contact us now for a free SEO consultation and our staff will look at the best options for your site.

Finding Affordable SEO Company in Australia Without Sacrificing Quality

Finding Affordable SEO Company in Australia Without Sacrificing Quality

Are you fed up with the rising cost of decent SEO services? But what do you do when a vital business tool (such as search engine optimisation) gets so pricey that it eats into your profit? Everyone is finding it more difficult to strike a balance between quality and price.

As Google algorithms evolve, the task of developing and implementing a strong SEO strategy gets more difficult, necessitating more time, talent, and money.

So, what are people doing about it if we’re all in the same leaky SEO boat? In this post, we’ll look at several methods for selecting an economical SEO agency that delivers on quality. 

What Does A Good SEO Cost?

Some businesses have chosen to perform their own SEO since, as with other things, doing it themselves may save money. However, the end product of a DIY endeavour will not be up to professional standards unless you’re already an expert.

Another option is to go with the traditional “cheap SEO” method. However, that is not a method we would encourage. What’s the issue with low-cost SEO? It is not difficult to identify low-cost SEO providers. They’re all over. Simply putting “cheap SEO service” into Google returns a plethora of results. All of these make similar claims: for a small one-time fee, they promise that your website will appear on the front page of Google organic search results.

If you’re desperate about saving money, you may even hunt for a freelancer to conduct your SEO on a site like Fiverr. Some charge as low as $5 for their services.

But what exactly do you receive when you hire one of these low-cost SEO Agencies? It’s possible that you’d be better off not knowing. Many people have discovered that inexpensive often equates to poor quality. This may end up costing you more money in the long run.

The majority of freelancers have a narrow skill set. That’s because it’s uncommon for one individual to have the money or time to learn the whole set of skills required for strong local SEO. And the constant modifications to Google’s algorithms aggravate the situation.

Because of these changes, there is no assurance that a website will remain on the first page of search results after it has arrived. Not until it is kept up to date. This is why, rather than being a one-time endeavour, successful local SEO strategy requires an ongoing investment of time and money.

To summarise this; the less expensive something appears to be, the more it might cost you.

What Does a Reasonable (Yet Still Affordably Priced) SEO Agency Charge? 

Quality SEO should not be prohibitively expensive. However, in general, spending a little extra for a high-quality but affordable SEO package provides the most value for your cash.

According to a poll, respondents who spent more than $500 per month on an SEO strategy were 53.3 percent more likely to report being “very happy” than those who spent less. When we look at what goes into a high-quality yet affordable SEO package, these figures make perfect sense.

Finding Affordable SEO Company in Australia Without Sacrificing Quality

How to Find an Affordable Australia SEO Company:

So, how can you, as a business owner, enjoy this type of significant, long-term increase in your SEO without breaking the bank?

First, define your objectives. Yes, we know that seems like boilerplate advice from your college business class, but strong goals produce excellent outcomes. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Boost organic traffic by x%. This is a true win-win situation since it not only brings additional prospective consumers, but it also indicates your worth to Google.
  • Increase eCommerce sales. Did you know that internet sales make up about 10% of all retail sales in Australia? Concentrating on eCommerce sales is a terrific approach to ensure you get a piece of the pie.
  • Improve your link profile. It’s all about value when it comes to backlinks. You want to link to sites that are reliable and authoritative.
  • Enlarge the highlighted snippets. What types of snippets are likely to rank highly? If used correctly, snippets are an excellent way to increase organic traffic.
  • Align SEO goals with corporate goals, and make sure they correspond to what you need from your website. The majority of businesses use their websites primarily as a digital marketing tool. As a result, it’s a good idea to integrate your objectives with your marketing activities.

And, really, this is the area where you’re most likely to see the most progress. Prioritizing marketing efforts, according to Hubspot, increases your ROI by 13 times.

Finding Affordable SEO Company in Australia Without Sacrificing Quality

Once you’ve established your objectives, you’ll be able to convey them more clearly to an SEO Agency, resulting in a more acceptable end.

According to a report, 82 percent of those that followed an SEO strategy were successful — a monument to the effectiveness of careful preparation and goal-setting. It also assists you in more accurately matching those aims with the correct SEO service provider — one that has demonstrated success in attaining your expected goals.

When you have an affordable SEO service agency that supports your aims, it leads to increased trust and transparency.

After multiple unpleasant encounters with low-quality SEO, some of our clients were able to establish such a trusting and transparent partnership with P1 SEO Agency. A technical and competitor audit, as well as weekly status calls, kept everyone on track as we moved into more strategic deliverables.

When looking for an affordable SEO agency, enquire if they will maintain regular contact and alignment (or realignment) with your company’s SEO goals.

What Are the Benefits of Affordable SEO Packages?

With so many services available, it can be difficult to narrow down what you want in an SEO bundle. This can change to some extent based on your sector and your company’s or digital marketing goals.

However, there are three crucial aspects that you should check for anyway.

  1. Produce High-Quality Content
  2. Technical SEO Strategies
  3. Backlinks of High Quality

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What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

Ghostwriting is basically a phenomenon in which a writer is contracted to work on a writing project which they do not take the credit for.

Sometimes, a ghostwriter absolutely handles a writing project alone. Other times, they write alongside the person that gets credited for the writing project.

Well, irrespective of how the writing project is carried out, a ghostwriter never gets credited as the author of a book. The major aim of a ghost writer is to express the feelings of their clients in the right words.

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

There are various types of ghostwriting.

Some are very well known, others are not. Some of the most popular types of ghostwriting include:

  • Books proposal
  • Lifestyle books
  • Business books
  • Speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts

What is Ghostwriting? Difference between Ghostwriting and Co-Authoring?

Ghostwriting differs from co-authoring because a co-author unlike a ghost-writer gets good credit for some of the work done.

In as much as getting the credit for work done is one of the major differences between ghostwriting and co-authoring, there are other significant differences.

As a ghostwriter, you simply write to follow instruction, you have no say in the direction the book being written takes. Well, unlike a ghost-writer, a co-author has the freedom to dictate the direction the book being written takes.

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

The Cost of Hiring a Ghostwriter

If you are interested in hiring a ghost-writer to do some writing you, it is important to find out the cost of hiring the services of a ghost writer. It is not enough to just know who a ghost writer is. It is important that you find out the cost of hiring the services of a ghost writer.

Ghostwriters do not charge a fixed rate. There are lots of factors which determine the cost of getting a ghostwriter to do some writing for you.

Some of these include:

The duration of the project:

This is quite straight forward. The longer the project, the more the amount you should be ready to part with when you need a ghost-writer to help you out.

This is simply because in addition to paying the ghostwriter for their skill, you are also paying for their time.

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

The Experience Level of the Ghostwriter:

The experience level of the ghostwriter handling your project is perhaps the most pronounced factor that can have an effect on how much you need to pay for the services of a ghost-writer.

Ghostwriters that are high in demand and have a good reputation will definitely charge more than ghostwriters that are new to the game and do not have a lot of people demanding for their jobs.

How much will you Demand of Them:

If all you need a ghostwriter to do is help you out with some chapters of your book when you get stuck, you might not exactly have to pay a lot.

However, if all you have is an idea and you expect them to help you put it in words, then, you will have to get ready to part with some amount. One way to get the best rates when working with a ghost-writer is to have a budget.

With a budget, you can always contact a ghost-writer that you can afford.

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

Is Ghostwriting Really Okay?

There are certain categories of people that do not think it is okay for people to work with ghostwriters. They are of the idea that taking the credit for the job done by another person is not right.

That brings us to the question: is ghostwriting against ethics? Well, there is no exact answer to the question above. The right answer will be determined by the surrounding situation.

More often than not, the answer to this question is dependent on the intent of the person that is believed to be the author of the book.

If the author of the book is an authority in a certain field and is trying to pass some information but knows next to nothing about writing, then, hiring the service of a ghost-writer will not be unethical in any way.

On the other hand, if the author of the book is a writer and perhaps does not have the time or the ability to come up with a great write-up about a certain topic, giving the job to a ghost-writer and taking the credit for the work well done might not exactly be ethical.

Things Every Aspiring Ghostwriter Must Know

It is not enough to just be a skilled writer. If you have any plans on becoming a ghost writer, below are things you should know.

Ghostwriting is about your Client

It is important that you are an excellent writer before you can actually attempt to ghost-write.

In spite of this, it is not good enough to be a great writer if you must be successful at ghostwriting. To be considered a great ghostwriter, you have to be able to successfully write a story in the tone of your client.

If you are not telling the story as your client would, then, you are not actually ghostwriting in the right way. Telling a story in the same way your client would include making use of the exact speech style that your client would use, using the same vocabulary, as well as the same pace as your client.

If, you can’t do all the above mentioned, you actually might not be ready for ghostwriting yet. You see, if you think your client writes just as good as or even better than you do, you actually might not have any issues with writing in their voice.

However, if you are of the opinion that you sound better than your client, successfully writing in their voice might not be really easy. Well, the thing with ghostwriting is it is okay to give your clients some advice.

Nevertheless, you can only advise them. You can’t tell them what to do but they can tell you what to do.

What is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Get Paid Writing

You should know about Book Publishing

Over the years, a lot has changed about book publishing.

Unlike a couple of years ago when people could only publish their books through publishing houses, nowadays, there are lots of ways to get books published online. It is important that you stay abreast with the changes occurring in the publishing sector.

Being able to give your clients valuable advice about how to go about publishing their books is a great ability and one you should not take lightly.

Be Properly Branded

Being a successful ghost-writer is not just about having a hobby. You should see yourself as a business owner. Seeing yourself as a business owner involves networking, branding, and even getting the right tools for the job.

It is Important to Have good Organization Skills

The ability to handle more than one project at a time, carry out amazing research, meet deadlines, and present jobs done in a much organised fashion will help you always please your clientsand leave you with good income.

A lot of people are very talented writers and can come up with very beautiful write-ups when they are inspired. They, however, are unable to properly carry out the right level of research and come up with something fantastic within a given time frame.

If you can write very beautifully but cannot meet very strict deadlines, then you most likely are not ready for the job of a ghost-writer yet.

Charge Based on your Level of Experience

As a ghostwriter, it is sometimes normal for you to have more jobs than you can handle in a given period of time. When this occurs, it can be a little difficult to meet your deadlines. I am certain you do not want to have a reputation for not meeting deadlines.

Well, one way to ensure that you always meet your deadlines is to charge your clients according to your level of experience. As you get more experienced, your rates should increase. With an increased rate, getting to turn down lower paying jobs will be quite easy.

Why you Should Try Ghostwriting?

There are lots of reasons everyone that can write and also meets the requirements of a ghostwriter should try ghost writing.

Some of these reasons are:

  • You can always have a constant stream of income right from the comfort of your living room if you are good enough.
  • You can put out really amazing articles, make your money, and still hide your identity if that is what you want.
  • When you acquire a reputation for churning out very well written articles, your income can automatically skyrocket even if the client you wrote for is unable to make a lot of money from the write up.

This counts only for write ups written for commercial purposes.


Ghostwriting comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages both for the ghostwriter and for the clients.

However, for it to be done in the right way, agreements must be met.

The inability to meet agreements will lead to a lose/lose situation for both the client and the ghost-writer.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Before you jump in on the steps to creating a facebook business page, you need to know the benefits that come with creating a business page on facebook.

Are you ready, Alright.

Ability to create a facebook advertisement campaign.

Facebook ad is used by companies to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their website among many other reasons.

Facebook reported $16.6 billion in the last quarter of 2018 from ads revenue.

That’s a huge number. That means facebook ads are really efficient and that’s why advertisers use the platform to grow their businesses.

Without a business page, you can’t run an advertisement on facebook.

Organic reach.

A business page gives you the opportunity to share business specific articles and videos which will generate likes, shares, and comments.

The Facebook page will allow your content to be shown to users who comment and like your post.

This is called organic reach.

The more popular your brand becomes the more organic reach you will get.

The benefit here is that when people share your post it gives your business an opportunity to be seen by the friends of that person even if they didn’t like the page.

Call to action

Facebook allows you to use a call to action to engage with your visitors when they land on your page.

With a business page, you can ask your visitors to take action on your page.

I will throw more light on this later under optimization of your Facebook business page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Set up an event

With your business page, you can set upcoming events and ask your followers to attend.

If you are using your personal account you won’t be able to schedule events.

You can set up a webinar, live presentation etc with your business page.

Create an online store

This is a benefit that can increase your sales and revenue.

Displaying your products and services on facebook business page is a great way to let your followers know about your products and services and eventually they will buy from you.

You can also advertise your products and services right from your facebook business page to gain more audience.

Build a community

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Building a community is a great way to build brand and trust.

You can build a community to share your business culture and values.

Member of the community can contribute and share your content.

This will lead to a viral effect for your brand if managed properly.

Start a group

Another benefit of a Facebook business page is that you can create a group solely about your business and invite others to participate.

Make sure that the group shares educational content to give people value.

Truth be told, if you aren’t giving value, people will leave the group.

Ask for reviews

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

As a business owner, a review is a way of recommending others to buy from you.

You can ask your followers to drop a review for you.

This will give prospective clients or customers confidence to do business with you without worries.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

To get started, you must have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one you can sign up for free right now.

I will wait for you to finish signing up.

Ok, welcome back.

#1 facebook business sign up

The first step is to hover to the panel on your left and go to pages.

You can also create it by visiting facebook business and create a new account from there.

When you click on pages it will open a new page.

This page shows you the current pages you have.

But in this case, we want to create a new page.

Next hover to “create page” like in the diagram below.

On this page, you will be given two choices to choose from. Make sure you select business or brand.

In the first tab, type in your business name

In the second tab type in a category that matches your business and selects from the drop-down. Eg digital marketing.

Immediately you select your category, a new book will be open for address and phone number.

Fill in the details appropriately.

For privacy purpose, you may select how facebook will display your information.

Please, when you are done click continue.

Your account is almost ready.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

#2 Add your facebook profile picture

The next task will be to upload your profile picture.

Remember that a picture speaks a thousand word.

Make sure you select a picture that is visually appealing.

If you are a local business, use a nice square image that represents your signature.

If you are a celebrity, you can use your personal picture and if you want to appear corporate a logo will do the trick.

#3 And a facebook cover picture.

A cover picture is a banner that draws attention to your page.

Make sure the image you use for your cover picture clearly spells out exactly what your business is all about.

You can also include text in your cover image to tell them to take action on your page.

Hurray!!! your facebook business page is live and ready to rock.

You can start enjoying the full benefits of having a business page as stated above.

#4 Explore your business page

Facebook will prompt you to go for a tour so as to understand the navigation of the page.

I’ll strongly recommend you to go for the ride.

Unless you’re familiar with it you’re welcome to skip.

#5 Include a Facebook business username

At this point, you are good to go. But you don’t want to present a half baked bread for your customers to see or do you?

Take that extra step and create a username that represents your business.

A good rule of thumb is to use your business name.

#6 Add a description ( make it concise and sweet)

Make it easier for people to know what your business page is all about.

Add a short but sweet description explaining why you are in the business.

A good description tends to attract the right buyer persona to like and engage with your page.

#7 Complete your about section

People will want to know what you do.

I will recommend you take your time to write detailed information about your business.

Facebook will present you with a form that looks like this.

Customers might want to know what hours you open for business and that information will be found in the about section.

To get started, click the about page tab

Fill the necessary information and save it when you are done.

#8 Start engaging and promoting your page.

Pwwew!!! That was quite a task. Now is the time to invite your family and friends to like your business page.

You can also use other media to promote it like your website and other social media platform.

And if it’s within your budget you can also use Facebook advertising to promote your page.

This will give you larger reach and engagement.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Facebook Business Page Tips for Optimization

Optimization is simply getting the best out of your Facebook business page.

The following steps will help you optimize your page for reach, engagement, and traffic. Let’s begin, Take advantage of facebook chatbot.

1. Optimize for conversion using a  call to action button

The reason you created a business page is to capture leads and turn them into paying customers. So, you must optimize your facebook business page to get you more leads.

On default, facebook will display an add a button call to action. You need to change it to what suit the purpose of creating the page in the first place.

There are varieties of a call to action to pick from. If you want them to book an appointment you select the “book you” option. And if you want your customers or visitors to contact you select “contact you” and pick from the drop-down.

As you can see your customers can message you, call you, sign up for your offer and also email you. Let’s continue

You may want them to watch a video or read a blog post. If that’s for you, you can select the “learn more “ button. And pick from the options below.

I know what you are thinking right now. Hope, is there no way I can ask them to buy my product?.

Relax, that’s where I’m going to next. If you have an e-commerce store, you can ask your visitors to shop with you. Simply select the “shop with you” option and choose the appropriate action that suits you.

lastly, if you are a developer or you have an app you want people to download, you can ask them to do that by selecting the download app option.

Always do A/B testing to know the call to action that works best for your business.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

2. Add a pinned post

Let’s say you have a top-performing content and you want anyone who visits your page to see it.

You can decide to pin the post to the top. This way when people visit your page they will easily see it. This feature is not limited to post only.

It could be an announcement, events even a webinar. Whatever may be the case, take advantage of “pinned post”. Click on the three dots on the post. Let the one shown in the image below. A drop-down menu will follow. Hover to pin to top page and click that.

Abracadabra!!!, your post will be pinned to the top of your business page.

3. Use tabs and apps

Do you know there’s a third-party app you can integrate with your Facebook business page? Apps like tabsite, MailChimp and other third-party apps can be added to your page. Hootsuite is also a good choice to add with your page.

This will enable you to schedule content publishing at different times.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

4. Like other business pages

Don’t forget Facebook is all about networking.

Like other business pages that provide supplementary services and products. For example, If you sell fruit juice, you can like a business page that sells fridge.

That can be used to chill your fruit juice; You understand what I mean right? Let’s ride on.

When you like other business pages you are increasing your network and that will help in promoting your page when running ads on facebook.

5. Take advantage of facebook page insights

The ability to know how people interact with your post and content can’t be overemphasized. Facebook insights give you metrics to measure your overall performance.

It allows you to understand your audience. It segments audience data using demographic and engagement. Insight also helps you to know who has clicked on your call-to-action button, visited your website, download an ebook or app, etc.

It also shows you how many followers you have so far. You can take a look at your audience insight by hovering on the top panel to learn more.

You can track and measure your performance with the above metrics.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

6. Update your settings on facebook business page

Form time to time, visit the settings section and update your profile. This is like the backstage of your page where a lot of administrative work is done.

You can select another admin and also utilize the cool features in the setting page to make your page easy for users to navigate and contact you.

7. Link to your Facebook page from your website and web pages

To give your page maximum exposure, always link to it whenever there is an opportunity to do so. A good place to start is to link to your page from your website. Ask people to follow you on facebook.

Remember the call-to-action, yes use it to get more likes and followers.


Now your facebook business page is up and running.

Take time in giving out valuable content. Because it will make your audience love you and your business.

Use an app like Hootsuite to schedule post and interact with your audience.

And take advantage of Facebook advertising to grow your audience.