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Best SEO Company in Australia

Best SEO Company in Australia

If you’ve been in a company for a while, you’ll agree that the term “digital marketing and SEO” can’t be taken lightly! Digital marketing and SEO is almost like another backbone to your business, delivering your brand to the rest of the globe on one of the most popular platforms today – social media and other similar places on the internet such as search engines, and it’s vital that you obtain a decent service.

That being stated, if you are searching for a digital marketing and SEO agency in Australia to assist you with your brand, P1 SEO Agency is a name you should be familiar with. This is not just an SEO agency that manages your Facebook and Instagram postings, but a company that provides wholistic SEO services to their clients. It is also an Australian SEO agency. So, if you’ve been looking for an agency that can provide excellent SEO service in any city Australia, P1 SEO Agency is the name to remember. Click here for top SEO agencies in Sydney for real estate investors.

As an Australian digital marketing and SEO company we Create Your Website – building a functional website or your online product store with the help of professional people with put you in a vantage position for easy ranking on search engines. P1 SEO agency have pros who are specialized in various skill set that is needed at every stage of an SEO website development. Once your website is built, it becomes a competitor for top ranking on search engines.

And we recognise that you might be an expert in your line of business, but we don’t expect you to be an expert in website design and SEO management as well. Needless to say, it remains critical, and we are here to assist you. We know how to pull your website up in the search engine as one of the best SEO marketing agencies in Australia!

We Take Your Business Global with Digital marketing and SEO

We are one of the leading SEO agencies in Australia (in 2022) for a reason. We understand that you cannot afford to overlook the importance of digital marketing and SEO in the growth of your business. As a result, we employ SEO marketing methods to drive traffic to your social media accounts as well.

So, if you think its time for you to take your business to the next level by gaining some prominence, keep in mind that the top SEO agency in Australia in 2022 is just a click away. Let the world know you exist and let them see how good you are as you expand your visibility across various websites with us.

Why Is SEO Important for Online Marketing?

Back in the good old days of your grandparents and maybe your parents, how did they market their business? If you were able to understand those process, they would have people walking around spreading the word about how good a product is. Welcome to the better days, when word of mouth travels considerably faster, and if you don’t keep up with the competition, you’re out.

Despite your stunning structure, high-quality contents, and excellent services. If your company is not competing with other companies who want nothing less than the best SEO services for their business, don’t expect it to be among the major brands.

You may wonder why you should contact an SEO agency. With our experience and skills, we will explain why it is critical to not just approach a random SEO service company, but to select one of the top SEO marketing companies before beginning your business. The major reason is that reaching out to proven professionals means that you are leveraging on their years of experience in SEO service and planning – that includes mistakes they have learned by experience and the best strategies they have mastered along the way. This will definitely deliver to you your expectation with less difficulties.

Best SEO Company in Australia

Here are the reasons why you should incorporate SEO in your business planning:


Aside from the fact that SEO strategies does everything it can to bridge the gap between you and the people you want to reach out to. Ask any SEO agency to explain how important SEO is in making those people out there trust you enough to buy from you and choose you above other options online. SEO gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your customer, and, most importantly, makes you the preferred choice through good impressions.

Incorporating the right SEO strategy by choosing the best local SEO agency for your business will help your online presence stays current and appealing to the world out there. Trust us, you will quickly find that clients arrive from all places to your store and not walking in through the entrance of your brick and mortar business stores but through limitless internet resources. 


The majority of your web traffic will always be generated through traffic SEO. Social networking sites and online marketing are beneficial, but let’s face it: they are influenced by fate and chance. So, someone seeking red T-shirts might or might not come across your ad.

On the other hand, SEO can do this for you and for the long term than a paid ad, SEO scale based on what the users themselves are search for and not just what the business provider is trying to force on them. 

What is your business top-most needs? To stay consistently on the first page of SERPs? To make more sales with more traffic?

P1 SEO Agency will not only help you manage your SEO strategy but will help you demystify all the SEO process that seems so difficult.

Will Google Index My Subdomains?

Will Google Index My Subdomains?

Subdomains and how Google treats them are still hot topics in the SEO field. If you’re considering using subdomains but aren’t sure if Google will index and rank the material you post on them, keep reading. A “subdomain” is a section of a website’s architecture that exists at any level below the top-level domain name. Business do organise their contents using subdomains. They can, for example, run an e-commerce business on one domain and a blog on another. Subdomains, on the other hand, are treated as independent sites by Google. While “” and “” share a root domain, Googlebot treats them as separate sites and crawls and indexes them appropriately. This has produced a great deal of uncertainty, which brings us to the big question: Does Google Index Subdomains?

Some clients often complain to their seo agency partners of not seeing some of their subdomain ranking. The simple answer is that Google can and will index and rank subdomains unless you specifically remove them from its index. Google’s whole business strategy is predicated on content discovery. The same may be said for all search engines. If a page has unique material and can be crawled/indexed, it will most likely be because it serves the search engine’s purpose.

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Will Google Index My Subdomains?

In fact, if Google did not index subdomains, its whole index would have few “www” webpages. This may seem strange since “www” sites are usually thought of as the norm online, but “www” sites are the most common subdomains. Despite the obvious indexation of millions of subdomains inside Google’s results, there are still unanswered issues regarding Google’s subdomain crawling and indexing. This is because the usage of subdomains can complicate and harm SEO efforts. While you should consider these considerations when deciding on your site layout and how it will affect your site’s SEO performance, they have no bearing on the core question of whether or not subdomains may rank in Google.

When Won’t a Subdomain Be Indexed?

While Google’s usual approach is to index subdomains, there are times when subdomains will not be indexed. These are some examples:

  • When there are no links to your subdomain.
  • Google finds and prioritizes URL indexation depending on links leading to such URLs. These links could come from other domains or from other subdomains on the same base domain that can be reached.
  • If Google doesn’t find connections to your subdomain when crawling your site or another site, it won’t be able to find it and hence won’t index it.

The only exceptions would be – if you submit your subdomain’s XML sitemap to Google via Google Search Console.

  • The URLs for your subdomain are included in your XML sitemap index. These would effectively serve as links to your subdomains.
  • If there were previously identified connections to your subdomain, but those links were later removed. In this case, the subdomain will most likely remain “stuck” in the index.

Noindex Tags are used on the subdomain.

If you mistakenly use a noindex tags on a particular page, you may expressly prevent particular URLs on your website from being indexed. SEO companies rarely make such mistakes, except when the page is under construction. But an individual DIY may do ignorantly. You may prevent a subdomain from being indexed by Google by using noindex meta tags or noindex HTTP response headers. A noindex tag allows Google and other search engines to browse a page and follow links, but requests that they not index it.

Keep in mind that if you wish to use this strategy properly, all of the pages on your subdomain must include the noindex tag within their individual HTML code files. Just add a noindex tag to the homepage of the subdomain, and your site won’t be indexed.

But there is rarely a reason for launching a site and not wanting it to rank. But of you notice you have a subdomain that has refused to show up on search engines, kindly reach out to your local SEO service provider for consultations. 

Will Google Index My Subdomains?

When Robots.txt has blocked the subdomain.

You may even prevent an entire subdomain from being indexed by amending the robots.txt file for that subdomain. We could use a robots.txt prohibit to make sure that Google never crawls or indexes a landing page or any other pages on the “start” subdomain.

This might look like: robots.txt example for preventing Google from indexing a subdomain.  This strategy only works if Google hasn’t previously indexed the subdomain.

If a subdomain has already been indexed, restricting it using the robots.txt file will just retain the version of the subdomain URLs that are already in Google’s index. Once the robots.txt file has been changed, use noindex tags or the URL removal request tool in Google Search Console to get rid of a subdomain that has already been indexed.

Please keep in mind that this strategy may not work for subdomains with a large number of internal and external links pointing to them. While the robots.txt command strongly advises Google not to index sites, if that signal is challenged by several links to the URL, Google may decide to index the URL regardless of the robots.txt directive. If Google crawls your subdomain even though you have a robots.txt directive, try taking out the block and putting meta noindex tags on all subdomain pages.

Looking for Site Architecture Assistance? P1 SEO Agency is on your side.

If you haven’t utilised a subdomain on your site because you weren’t sure if Google would index it, by making an SEO plan for each of your subdomains, you can rank high for the keywords you choose and get people to visit your subdomains.

And you don’t have to do it by yourself. If you don’t have a background in search engine optimisation, SEO website architecture might be quite perplexing. Simplify the process by working with an experienced SEO service to tackle Google SEO for subdomains. Contact us now for a free SEO consultation and our staff will look at the best options for your site.

Top SEO Agencies in Sydney for real estate investors

Top SEO Agencies in Sydney for real estate investors

One of the industries that need SEO services is the real estate business. Recently, research has shown that virtually everyone wants to invest in real estate. As a result of this, the real estate world is becoming more competitive every day. Since digital marketing has taken over, every real estate investor has been striving to maintain the top list on search engines like Google and Bing whenever people search for anything that pertains to real estate. 

Are you a real estate investor in Sydney? Or you are about to join the league of real estate business owners in Sydney, and you are scared if your business will thrive on search engines? There’s nothing to worry about. This write-up is here to help you out. We have taken it up to do proper research on competent SEO Agencies that can help you maintain the top list on search engines. Of course, we know that there are countless SEO Agencies in Sydney, but not all of them can do a powerful touch on your site. Some top seo companies in australia specialize in improving and protecting real estate web pages to gain organic traffic on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, we want to assure you that we don’t just choose an SEO Agency to design your real estate web page. There are some skills we’ve checked already. Therefore, we want you to trust our judgment on this. Therefore, below here is the list of SEO Agencies in Sydney that would like to work with real estate investors:

  1. Mayple: Mayple is an SEO expert that delivers high-quality SEO services for real estate investors in Sydney. They are well-known not only in Sydney but in Australia at large. At Mayple, you will get the best SEO services to help your web page generate massive organic traffic. They are one of the best SEO experts in Sydney because they have a unique way to rank your real estate site within three to six months. Their hourly rate is in the range of $25 to $49 per hour. Also, With Mayple, you work with curated marketers based on read-data and proven ABOVE-BENCHMARK results. Their thorough vetting process and advanced technology allow them to match businesses with top-performing digital marketing experts that meet their unique marketing needs and assure you get high levels of service and results for your marketing budget. 
  2. WebFX: WebFX is a specialist in dealing with real estate websites. They understand the real estate world, and this has been keeping them glowing and growing in the SEO world. They are one of the best SEO Agencies in Sydney that are reliable. Furthermore, WebFX is uniquely qualified to help your real estate web pages to earn more leads, phone calls, transactions, and revenue. They understand how to play SEO games. One thing about this SEO Agency is that they know how to integrate keywords that will improve a website ranking with great content. Their staffs are reliable and competent. Their level of consistency in the SEO world is incomparable. This great company is ready to take that your real estate website to another level.
  1. SmartSites: SmartSites is an award-winning SEO agency that focuses on search engine marketing. This SEO Company has been playing the SEO game for over two decades now. Alex and Michael Melen founded this company. If you want an SEO Agency that will handle your project as their own, then SmartSites will be a great choice. Recently, SmartSites became one of America’s fastest-growing digital marketing and SEO companies. They love to deal with real estate websites. You will enjoy working with them.
  2. SEOValley: SEOValley is also an award-winning SEO Company. They are based here in Sydney. Several real estate investors have worked with this company, and they all testify to their high level of competency. This fantastic company has been in attending to issues on digital marketing since 2001. Since then, real estate investors in Sydney and beyond still believe in their services because they have never failed them. You also can contact this team to handle your website for you. SEOValley has a technical way of introducing your web page to search engines without breaking your budget. Their service is cheap. They won’t stop touching your site until they see it on the first page on search engines.
  3. Uppers: Uppers is a one-stop destination for all things digital. If you want to take your real estate site to another level, then you need to consider Uppers. Their level of creativity is incomparable. Uppers is one of the best SEO Agencies in Sydney that has the highest level of critical thinking to generate research keywords that your potential clients will search for.  Furthermore, Uppers delivers end-to-end web design and development, digital marketing, and E-mail marketing services. They are one of the best SEO Agencies you can trust.
  4. WebiMax: WebiMax was founded on CEO Kenneth Wisnefski’s core principle of truly helping clients as more of a strategic partner than merely an outsourced vendor. Remember, real estate web pages need a professional touch before they can rank on search engines. Therefore, WebiMax is the best place to get SEO services that will boost your website within a twinkle of an eye. They have been the most award-winning reputation management for thirteen years. WebiMax consistently delivers the best result and value.
  5. Page traffic Inc: Page traffic was founded in 2002 to empower businesses and generate the maximum ROI with effective SEO services. They are the most awarded SEO agency with offices across the globe. Their SEO services are beyond Sydney. For your real estate business, they’ve got the skills and techniques to rank your website within a short period. Page traffic has helped real estate investors like you to reach their business goals. They will learn your business, understand your problems and provide an adequate solution.


Getting a reliable SEO Agency for your real estate site should not be a problem. We’ve taken our time to do proper research to know SEO Agencies based in Sydney that will listen to your story and help you turn it into something extraordinary. 

Top SEO Agencies in Sydney that are ready to work with small scale business owners

Top SEO Agencies in Sydney that are ready to work with small scale business owners

There are countless SEO agencies in Sydney that are competent, and they are always ready to use their SEO technical skills to take your web pages to the highest level. In fact, some SEO Agencies that are based here in Sydney have gone beyond providing SEO services for business owners and bloggers in Sydney alone. I mean they are well-known in the whole of Australia. As a matter of fact, some of them deliver online SEO services for companies worldwide.

However, because of the stature most of them have gained in the industry, some cannot work with small business owners. Their charges, at times, can kill the dream of the business that is just coming up. I have the opportunity to talk with the CEO of one seo agency in Sydney to know if they can work with small-scale business owners. He replied by saying their hands are tight with jobs from big companies.

Then, I began to research to know if there are still some SEO Agencies in Sydney that can assist small-scale business owners in ranking their websites. Guess what! The results of the research came out big. 

Are you a small-scale business owner? And you want a competent SEO agency to help you out in making your business known in Sydney and Australia at large? Then, consider yourself lucky. This article will help you by directing you to the right SEO agency to render effective SEO services without breaking your budget. 

Therefore, below here are the top SEO Agency that is willing to help small scale business owners: 

  1. Prosperity media: The prosperity media has incredibly in-depth insight and up-to-date knowledge on what works in SEO.  They believe that jack of all trade is a master of none. Therefore, Prosperity media only focus on SEO to help clients make more money from search engine. Furthermore, they deliver long-lasting ROI in highly competitive markets. They are one of the SE agencies in Sydney that do not segregate. Prosperity Media is based in Surry Hills, Australia.
  2. Uppers: if you are a small-scale business owner and believe in what SEO can do to increase and improve your website, you need to hire Uppers to handle your project. They are one of the SEO experts name as SEO Heroes that deliver high-quality SEO services for their clients. Their charges are standard. They have competent staff that can handle your project. The range of their charges is $25 – $49 per hour. Uppers will create content that is integrated with functioning research keywords to generate more traffic to your website. Their service is relatively cheap.
  3. Frank digital: This Company is also one of the SEO companies you can trust. The level at which they will manage your account will be an excellent one. They are based in North Sydney, Australia. Frank digital is one of the best SEO Companies in Sydney. With Frank digital, that your small-scale business will reach more customers. Contact Frank digital today, and you’ll be glad you did.
  1. Soup Agency: This SEO Company is well-known in Australia because they are always open to attending to small business owners. They have a unique way of boosting and ranking your business site on search engines. Soup Agency is a company you can trust. They have been in this game for decades now. Also, Soup Agency believes in rendering services that will add more reputation to their name. Contact them today; your website will fly in the air.
  2. Aaron Knight: Aaron Knight is an award winner of web designing and online marketing. Their level of service is more personal. They treat their client as a family. At Aaron Knight, they will handle your website as though it is theirs. Transparency and high-quality delivery are what they stand for. Aaron Knight will be a great choice if you are a small-scale business owner and want a professional touch on your website.
  3. Online marketing gurus: If you want to hire a team that will fully understand your business, you need to consider Online Marketing Gurus. They are one of the highest-rated SEO and digital marketing agencies. At Online Marketing Gurus, you will get to know the difference between SEO services created to focus on the targeted audience and SEO services that will have no destination. This unique SEO Company will work within your budget. In Sydney today, this great SEO Company is one of the best Companies that virtually all business owners want to work with. They have a lot of staff that is skillful and talented. 
  4. Brafton: You can fuel your brand with high-quality SEO services from Brafton. Countless business owners have worked with this great Company. They are based in Sydney, Australia. This great company has been in this gave for over two decades now. Ever since then, they have strived to maintain a leadership position among SEO service providers in Sydney. They don’t segregate. 
  5. One Egg Digital: One thing that business owners in Sydney know about this SEO Company is a very responsive team. One Egg Digital delivers high-quality SEO services that will pop up on the first page on search engines like Google. Apart from the fact that this company offers the best, their service is not expensive. They also love to focus on small-scale business owners because they believe in being part of people’s success stories.
  6. Sparro: At Sparro, the level of care you will get in dealing with your project is evident. Sparro also creates unique content with an average usage of keywords that your potential customers will search for on search engines. They are always ready to work with you without breaking your budget. Sparro will not only provide SEO services, but they will also take it up as their responsibility to monitor the improvement so far on your site. They are one of the SEO agencies in Sydney that you can trust.


Nothing can stop you from achieving your dream. The step you are about to take right now is precisely what you need to do. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about. You can choose any SEO Agency out of the above-listed Companies to help you to place your business in the world.

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How to Make a Living Blogging

How to Make a Living Blogging

At the moment, there are more blogs online than the average person can count.

This is so because a lot of people believe blogging is one of the most trusted ways to have a steady income without the need to have a “9-5”.

While this might be true to an extent, making money from blogging is not exactly as easy as a lot of people assume.

The reason for this is a lot of people never really prepare for the financial aspect of blogging.

They simply restrict themselves to the creation of posts.

So, you want to make a living blogging. By now, I want to assume that you already own a blog.

Well, if the reverse is the case, you need to obtain a domain name and work with a reliable host. As soon as you get these things done, you are almost set to make a living blogging.

Well, the fact that you are on this page means you are interested in making a living from blogging whether you own a blog or not. Read on to find out how to go about this.

How to Make a Living Blogging – 3 Simple Steps

1. Don’t expect it to Happen Suddenly

In as much as it is absolutely possible for you to earn a decent living from blogging, it might take a while before you actually begin making money from your blog.

So, if you are hoping you will make a lot of money as soon as you start blogging, you might give up before you even get started. One way to make a living blogging is to assume you might not actually make a lot of money from your blog.

This way, if the money does not come in early, you will still have the drive to continue.

How to Make a Living Blogging

Sometimes as soon as you start blogging, you might begin making some money. However, more often than not, this money is usually not enough to live on.

It is just something that you will most likely reinvest into the blog to ensure its continuity. If after blogging for a while you do not make as much money as you expect to make, you really should not be worried, this is because sometimes it might take years before you make the amount of money you can live off from.

2. Choose a Niche and Stick to It

Blogging without having a niche can be likened to going on a journey without being sure of the direction you want to go. Prior to setting up a blog, it is expedient that you have a niche and stick to it.

Although having a niche is the way to go, it is not enough to just have a niche. You want to know why? Well, the reason for this is quite straight forward. Irrespective of the niche you decide to select, there will be some level of competition because you definitely will not be the only one in that niche.

So, if you must make anything out of a niche you pick, you will have to offer something special.

How to Make a Living Blogging

If you cannot stand out, you might not be able to make a lot out of blogging. The niche you decide to write about might be very broad.

Nonetheless, you have to narrow things down to the point where you are considered an expert.

If you can do this successfully, your audience will always look up to your post and you can be sure to enjoy a lot of traffic which will bring in the money.

3. Create Income Streams

You can’t make money from a blog because you put up the most interesting articles. Becoming an expert in a certain niche is one thing, making money from your blog is another.

Now, if you have been operating a blog for a fairly long while, at some point, you actually should be making some money.

How to Make a Living Blogging

So, if you do not earn from your blog after sometime, something is just not right.

In as much as there are various ways to make money from a blog, quite a number of those ways all go down to creating opportunities for your audiences.

It is important that you create channels for your audience to make purchase on your blog if you want to make money from blogging.

Some of the ways you can do these are through getting products offered through affiliate links, developing e-books, the creation of mastermind groups, etc.

Below are some techniques that can help you make money from your blog;

1. Affiliate Marketing (Promote other companies’ products):

When monetizing your blog, one good way to start is with affiliate marketing.

Basically, affiliate marketing involves endorsing the services of products of other firms and going on to get the commission for the sales that take place there after.

More often than not, the commission you get is dependent on the size of traffic that comes to your blog. So, if you have a huge audience, you can be certain that you will get substantial commissions. When making use of affiliate marketing to earn from your blog, it is important that you endorse a company that you have a level of belief in.

It is not enough to endorse a company because they pay you to do so.

How to Make a Living Blogging

One reason your audience does not stop coming to your blog is because they have a level of trust in you. You therefore have to take advantage of that trust positively by ensuring that they buy only from the right company.

There are reasons you should be part of a good affiliate programme. Good affiliate programmes come with a lot of advantages. With a good affiliate programme, you can always have something that your audience will either need or love to purchase.

The amazing thing is you do not have to be the one responsible for making the product. That is not all about affiliate marketing.

One interesting thing about affiliate marketing is the commission you get will make you know the exact products that your audience is buying.

2. Make Services Available:

One other way to make money from your blog is to locate customers that are interested in services that you provide.

This services can include but not limited to graphic design, programming, bookkeeping, etc.

In our case we provide web design services, and digital marketing

This method of making money from your blog might not fetch a lot of money in the beginning.

Nonetheless, it is a good way to set out.

As your blog grows bigger, and your brand gets known you will start making more from the services you offer.

The simple reason for this is you will be able to meet the demands of your numerous clients.

3. Market Products (Digital or Non Digital):

The sale of products is one way to make money from your blog if you have a lot of followers is to begin selling your products. You can sell virtually anything. It all depends on what you are interested in.

Some of the most popular products a lot of people sell on their blogs are music, e-books, and software. This, however, does not mean you have to limit yourself to the sale of these products.

One reason why it is amazing to sell digital products on your blog is once they are created, you can always sell them over and over again without going through the process of creating new products.

4. Sponsored Posts (Charge for post to be published on your Blog):

This is pretty straight forward. It simply involves putting up posts about a firm’s services for the purpose of promoting it. This is different from an affiliate programme because the sponsors pay you directly to make posts for their products on your blog.

If you are able to build a long term relationship with your sponsors, this can be an easy way to make money from your blog. To make money from this method, your readers should have a level of trust in you.

This is because having some level of trust in you is the only way they can believe you are putting up posts not solely for the money.

Advertising (Google adsense and Direct advertisement):

Advertising can be a way to make money from blogging. Nonetheless, it is not something you should put in a lot of energy into as a beginner. Targeting advertising as a major stream of income when setting out with a blog can leave you seeking to make an income from blogging for too long.

Until you become a big brand in the blogging world, a lot of people will not approach you for advertising. As a result of this, there is really point putting your attention into it.

However, when you become a top brand in the blogging world, more people than you can handle will want to pay you to advertise their products.

So, until you become a huge name in the blogging sector, there is no point thinking about advertising.


Do you already own a blog? If yes, you can go on and apply these principles to make money from your blog.

If you do not have a bog yet, you will have to setup a blog as it is the first step to make a living from blogging.

Search Engine Optimization Company You Can Trust

Search Engine Optimization Company You Can Trust

Let us help you increase traffic and conversion for your business. And also boost your rankings in Google.

Why You Need A Search Engine Optimization Company

Search Engine Optimization Company You Can Trust

1. To help you get higher rankings in search results

Getting found and appearing higher in search results gives you opportunity to grow your business. We’ll apply our proven method on SEO to give you the online presence that drives massive traffic to your website.

2. To help you get quality traffic to your website.

We don’t just drive traffic to your website with our strategies, we drive quality traffic which every business needs.

3. To help you increase conversion

An SEO optimized website will not only drive traffic but also lead to a high conversion rate. Our services will help you turn website visitors into quality leads.

4. To help increase Sales

With good keyword research we will determine keywords that have commercial search intent. This will help drive up the sales of the company when its ranked in google search results.

5. To help you measure results

We provide you insights and updates concerning your search engine optimization campaign. To enable you see the data and progress of the campaign.

6. To help you with site audit

Knowing the health of your website is paramount. Our site audit will show you area  of weaknesses and make suggestions on how to improve your rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Company You Can Trust

How We will Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

What we will do to improve your website SEO and rankings include but not limited to the following;


Search Engine Optimization Company You Can Trust

Knowing what people are searching for and the relevance of that keyword to your business is a very important step in a successful SEO campaign. We will do keyword research to come up with commercial intent keyword to rank for.


Links are considered as votes by google founder, Larry Page. Without quality links pointing to your website, you will not be able to rank. We will help you strategies link building techniques to have quality links point to your site.


This is the technical SEO aspect of ranking higher. We will make sure your website speed is fast and its performance is improved to prepare the way for higher rankings in search engines like google and bing.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

In digital marketing, traffic is everything. Essentially, you need to go where the traffic is.

According to statistics, well over 2 billion people operate a Facebook account.

One of key advertising tip get to know by a leading seo agency, that Facebook guarantees the widest reach and exposure for any kind of business, so every small business should take advantage of the opportunity the platform provides to grow their business.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every businesses Must Leverage on:

1. Facebook advertising tips (1) Build Your Audience

Your audience is online, and there are all kinds of audience depending on people’s individual preferences and needs.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Tips To Help Build A Facebook Audience

That’s why it may sometimes help to start by experimenting with various target audience to know what works for your business and determine how best to get their attention.

  • Create a Facebook URL that people can remember easily.
  • Run special promotion on your page that can encourage audience to “like”.
  • Leverage contacts of your friends, because friends of your followers will see your follower’s interactions with your page in their own newsfeeds.
  • Extend your professional network to increase the visibility of your page by visiting other sites within your niche and ‘liking’ them to increase your own visibility.
  • Create and Host A Facebook Event. Make it an exciting event that your fans would want to spread the word about and even bring along their own friends.
Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

2. Facebook advertising tips (2) Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is the key to achieving a favorable ranking on Facebook, which will help to expand your audience.

However, bear in mind that ‘likes’ and ‘clicks’ are not the same as sales.

So sales may not necessarily come along with volumes of clicks.

There are a number of other factors that may trigger sales and business profit.

These include the ad message itself, the appeal of the landing page, and hitting the right target audience, etc.

The Facebook algorithm favors pages that create more engagement.

Not only will engagement help you expand your audience further, it will also help make your Facebook business page more visible to search engines.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

3. Boosted Posts

When you post contents on your page, Facebook gives you the option to boost the post to enable it reach more people quickly, at some cost.

Boosted posts are important for driving more engagement for your business, because they can actually be tailored to reach the people in your target audience who are likely to respond to your posts.

The main idea behind a boosted post is to keep your business in the face of your audience.

It can also be used to announce a promotion or product. Before boosting a post, make sure your post complies with Facebook’s advertising policies.

How to create your Facebook Business Page

Step 1: Fill out your basic business info

To run a Facebook ad campaign, you’ve to open a page for your business.

If you don’t have a facebook business page, I have written a step by step guide to create a facebook business page.

You’ll be open to two options to select from (“Business or Brand” and “Community and Public Figure”).

Your option is to click the ‘Get Started’ button under the “Business or Brand” option.

A form will open up for you to fill out:

  • Page Name
  • Categories
  • Address
  • Phone number

Have in mind that you can change the category (but not the name) later on if needed, so best you have your decisions well thought-out before filling this slot.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Step 2: Upload Profile and Cover Photos For Your Page

After filling out the detail above, you’ll be required to upload a profile photo and cover photo for your page.

Typically, uploaded profile photos must be within 170 x 170 pixels or it you won’t be able to upload it. For the cover photo, the dimension should be 820 x 462 pixels.

You may need to upload your official company logo here, as it’s this photo that will appear as your icon every time you publish a new post or make a comment.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Page Information

Here are the things to fill out:

  • Description – Briefly let people know what your Page is about. You have only 155 characters, so get right to the point.
  • Categories – Choose up to three categories to enable search engines find your business.
  • Contact information – Business phone number, website, and email address.
  • Location – Address of physical location, if any.
  • Hours – Time and Days in which people can reach you for business.
  • More – Any other info you make want to drop, like price range, etc.
Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Step 4: Customize Your Page

Beyond what you’ve set up above, Facebook allows you to customize your Page even further.

In your Page settings, there’s a “Templates and Tabs” tab that lets you configure your Page to have that unique look.

To make this part easier for you, there are several templates you can choose from with specific themes that best reflects your business model.

Step 5: Start Publishing Your Posts

Add content to your Page by publishing a post—a status update, a link, a photo, a video, an event, or a milestone.

New, fresh content on your Page will make it look all the more enticing once new visitors come over to check it out.

How To Start Advertising your Page on Facebook

Social media marketing is the sure way to go for businesses looking to create optimal awareness for their brands and grow their profit.

There are millions of visitors surfing the internet at any given time.

Most people are looking for information and products that you can provide, and they could be your target audience, no matter where they are in the world.

You can put your business right in the face of anyone, anywhere.

Just about every internet savvy individual around you run one or multiple social media accounts, from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, the world can be your market place.

But Facebook has perhaps the most viable platform with the best reach and opportunity to reach your target audience, considering its massive subscribers’ base of 1.32 billion users daily.

Furthermore, it operates one of the most effective advertising tools that can help businesses grow.

However, to achieve the desired result using Facebook Ad, you have to come onboard with a cogent objective.

Without setting the right objective, you can’t get desired result.

There are a number of objectives you might need to look at before placing your Facebook Ad.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Choosing a Facebook Campaign Objectives

The objectives of a Facebook Ad campaign simply refer to the action you expect people to take after viewing your Ad.

This aspect is very important. When you get on Facebook Ads Manager and place a new campaign, the system usually asks what objectives you want to achieve with the advert you’re placing.

Below are the various objectives set by Facebook, which are grouped in three categories: Brand Awareness, Considerations and Conversions:

1. Brand Awareness:

This objective shows Ads to people who may are likely to have interest in what you offer.

If you’re not really looking to drive sales, comments, or shares, this objective will suit you just fine.

Brand awareness objective is very important for activation campaign because it is used to announce upcoming products.

2. Reach:

The Facebook reach objective is to enable users showcase and advertise their products to as many people as possible.

This objective essentially speaks to coverage, reaching the right audience within specific time lines and locations globally.

3. Traffic:

If your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your blog or landing page, this objective is what you need.

The Facebook ad traffic objective is ideal for giving your audience a sneak peek of your content by redirecting them to a secondary platform, which may either be your blog or podcast.

With this objective, the goal is to get as much clicks as possible.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

4. Engagement:

The Facebook engagement objective is designed for brands looking to get more active participation from their audience. It basically gets your post in front of people who may like, share, and post comments.

It makes sense to optimize for likes if you still don’t have a website and are only building your brand on Facebook.

This objective can create the required buzz around your product; it can get people excited about what you’re offering.

5. App Installs:

If you already have an app that you want people on facebook to know about and possibly buy into, the App Install objective will help you to direct prospect buyers to the relevant online App Store where they can download your product.

6. Video Views:

This objective is for advertisers who are digital savvy and like to express their brand or product through short video clips.

Videos are a very effective means of reinforcing product awareness and building a stronger connection with relevant audience.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

7. Lead Generation:

With the lead generation Facebook objective, you offer an enticing lead magnet that people can access in exchange for their contact information.

That is, the information presented is compelling enough to cause online visitors to leave their email contact or subscribe to your platform.

This ad automatically pops up a sign-up form and requires users to fill their information to get more access or information.

8. Messages:

The Facebook campaign objective messages make free-flow of communication between users and the brand possible.

The main purpose of this is to trigger conversion in the end by targeting only people who are more likely to give a feedback.

9. Conversions:

Facebook ads conversions marketing objective brings people to your website where they can take action.

You can use the data you collect to understand your audience better or to improve your campaigns.

10. Catalog Sales:

Whether you run a physical or online store, facebook ads allows you to keep track on those who visited your site before, even if they didn’t make a purchase.

This is beneficial to increasing your conversions and reaching new potential customers.

This objective advertises your products to them and gives them periodic update concerning your products.

11. Store Visits:

Facebook Ads objective can help drive people to your stores.

Basically, your target audience near your store location will be able to get to you as they research products online.

So if you run offline stores and wish to direct your audience to your store location, this is the objective for you.

These objectives above represent the customer journey on your page. When people view your Ad, they start out by knowing you (Awareness). Afterwards, when they are interested, they proceed to make purchase online (Conversion). Then they may possibly express their interest by checking out your website (Consideration).

Choosing a placement for Your Ad

When you create an ad, you can choose where you want your ad to appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Depending on the objective you choose, some placements may not be available.

However, when you choose your ad placements, it is recommended that you choose the Automatic placements option, which helps to optimize delivery across all placements. In addition, under the automatic placements option, new placements will automatically become available to campaigns when you duplicate them.

Below is exactly how you can set up your ad placement in Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Choose your objective and then click on Continue.
  3. Scroll to the Placements section. Automatic placements (recommended) is pre-selected.
  4. You can choose the Edit placements option instead to help you exclude certain placements; untick the box beside each placement to remove it. If you don’t see a box, your ad type doesn’t support that placement.

You can also use the Device types drop-down menu to limit your placements to Mobile only or Desktop only.

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Choosing a Facebook Ad Type

We’ve covered all of the different Facebook Ad types campaign objectives you can use to meet your specific ads goals. But is that all encompassing? Not really. 

In reality, many of the Facebook Ad type campaign objectives overlap, and you could use multiple ad types to accomplish the same objective. Additionally,

Facebook has many different options for you to choose from once you pick a campaign objective, which means choosing an ad type isn’t even half of the battle. 

So how do you decide which ad type to use?

1) Define your campaign goal.

Before you begin any ad campaign, you first need to determine what the goal of your campaign is. Are you trying to drive conversions on your website?

Drive attendance for an upcoming event? Simply get more customers to your local store?

Don’t just come up with a campaign around which ad type you want to use. Instead, start with your own marketing needs and build your ad around it. 

2) Choose relevant types you could use.

Once you’ve defined the goal of your ad campaign, take a look at the different Facebook Ad types available to you. Luckily, you already know what each of the ad types are. 

Choose the type most relevant to your goals. You probably noticed Facebook has multiple ad types you could use for a single objective. If your goal is to drive downloads for an ebook, for example, you could use any one of the following options: 

  1. Clicks to Website
  2. Website Conversions
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Offer Claims
Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

3) Narrow down your options.

Once you’ve chosen which ad types are most applicable to your needs, choose the one you think will work best for you campaign.

Or, use the same creative, copy, and targeting options to set up a campaign test using different ad types and see if one performs better than the other. 

4) Write copy and create assets.

One great feature of Facebook’s Ads Manager tool is the wide range of creative and layout options you have available to you. Not only can you choose between image, video, photo grid, and carousel layouts, you can also customize your ads for mobile and desktop audiences. 

Also, there are lots of different calls-to-action you can use on your ads, or you can choose to optimize on your platform.

As you run different ad campaigns, make sure to test and analyze what works best for your audience. 

5) Use different ad types for different campaign goals.

Don’t just stick to one ad type for all of your campaigns. Instead, make sure you’re optimizing your ads for the right campaign objectives.

Try out different Facebook Ad types and different ad campaigns to optimize your ad strategy for your audience. 

6) Target the right audience.

Creating the draft of your ad is only half the battle. The other half is figuring out how to target the right audience for your ads campaign. 

7) Test, analyze, and repeat.

Once you’ve defined your campaign objective, selected your ad type, created your ad, and targeted the right audience, it’s time to analyze your results. 

Remember that digital advertising is all about testing, analyzing, and optimizing future ad campaigns over time.


To build a successful campaign on Facebook, you need to take time when selecting your ad objective and settings in order to successfully reach your goals and make the most out of your advertising budget.

This will determine to a large extent whether or not your campaign succeeds.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Before you jump in on the steps to creating a facebook business page, you need to know the benefits that come with creating a business page on facebook.

Are you ready, Alright.

Ability to create a facebook advertisement campaign.

Facebook ad is used by companies to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their website among many other reasons.

Facebook reported $16.6 billion in the last quarter of 2018 from ads revenue.

That’s a huge number. That means facebook ads are really efficient and that’s why advertisers use the platform to grow their businesses.

Without a business page, you can’t run an advertisement on facebook.

Organic reach.

A business page gives you the opportunity to share business specific articles and videos which will generate likes, shares, and comments.

The Facebook page will allow your content to be shown to users who comment and like your post.

This is called organic reach.

The more popular your brand becomes the more organic reach you will get.

The benefit here is that when people share your post it gives your business an opportunity to be seen by the friends of that person even if they didn’t like the page.

Call to action

Facebook allows you to use a call to action to engage with your visitors when they land on your page.

With a business page, you can ask your visitors to take action on your page.

I will throw more light on this later under optimization of your Facebook business page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Set up an event

With your business page, you can set upcoming events and ask your followers to attend.

If you are using your personal account you won’t be able to schedule events.

You can set up a webinar, live presentation etc with your business page.

Create an online store

This is a benefit that can increase your sales and revenue.

Displaying your products and services on facebook business page is a great way to let your followers know about your products and services and eventually they will buy from you.

You can also advertise your products and services right from your facebook business page to gain more audience.

Build a community

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Building a community is a great way to build brand and trust.

You can build a community to share your business culture and values.

Member of the community can contribute and share your content.

This will lead to a viral effect for your brand if managed properly.

Start a group

Another benefit of a Facebook business page is that you can create a group solely about your business and invite others to participate.

Make sure that the group shares educational content to give people value.

Truth be told, if you aren’t giving value, people will leave the group.

Ask for reviews

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

As a business owner, a review is a way of recommending others to buy from you.

You can ask your followers to drop a review for you.

This will give prospective clients or customers confidence to do business with you without worries.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

To get started, you must have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one you can sign up for free right now.

I will wait for you to finish signing up.

Ok, welcome back.

#1 facebook business sign up

The first step is to hover to the panel on your left and go to pages.

You can also create it by visiting facebook business and create a new account from there.

When you click on pages it will open a new page.

This page shows you the current pages you have.

But in this case, we want to create a new page.

Next hover to “create page” like in the diagram below.

On this page, you will be given two choices to choose from. Make sure you select business or brand.

In the first tab, type in your business name

In the second tab type in a category that matches your business and selects from the drop-down. Eg digital marketing.

Immediately you select your category, a new book will be open for address and phone number.

Fill in the details appropriately.

For privacy purpose, you may select how facebook will display your information.

Please, when you are done click continue.

Your account is almost ready.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

#2 Add your facebook profile picture

The next task will be to upload your profile picture.

Remember that a picture speaks a thousand word.

Make sure you select a picture that is visually appealing.

If you are a local business, use a nice square image that represents your signature.

If you are a celebrity, you can use your personal picture and if you want to appear corporate a logo will do the trick.

#3 And a facebook cover picture.

A cover picture is a banner that draws attention to your page.

Make sure the image you use for your cover picture clearly spells out exactly what your business is all about.

You can also include text in your cover image to tell them to take action on your page.

Hurray!!! your facebook business page is live and ready to rock.

You can start enjoying the full benefits of having a business page as stated above.

#4 Explore your business page

Facebook will prompt you to go for a tour so as to understand the navigation of the page.

I’ll strongly recommend you to go for the ride.

Unless you’re familiar with it you’re welcome to skip.

#5 Include a Facebook business username

At this point, you are good to go. But you don’t want to present a half baked bread for your customers to see or do you?

Take that extra step and create a username that represents your business.

A good rule of thumb is to use your business name.

#6 Add a description ( make it concise and sweet)

Make it easier for people to know what your business page is all about.

Add a short but sweet description explaining why you are in the business.

A good description tends to attract the right buyer persona to like and engage with your page.

#7 Complete your about section

People will want to know what you do.

I will recommend you take your time to write detailed information about your business.

Facebook will present you with a form that looks like this.

Customers might want to know what hours you open for business and that information will be found in the about section.

To get started, click the about page tab

Fill the necessary information and save it when you are done.

#8 Start engaging and promoting your page.

Pwwew!!! That was quite a task. Now is the time to invite your family and friends to like your business page.

You can also use other media to promote it like your website and other social media platform.

And if it’s within your budget you can also use Facebook advertising to promote your page.

This will give you larger reach and engagement.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Facebook Business Page Tips for Optimization

Optimization is simply getting the best out of your Facebook business page.

The following steps will help you optimize your page for reach, engagement, and traffic. Let’s begin, Take advantage of facebook chatbot.

1. Optimize for conversion using a  call to action button

The reason you created a business page is to capture leads and turn them into paying customers. So, you must optimize your facebook business page to get you more leads.

On default, facebook will display an add a button call to action. You need to change it to what suit the purpose of creating the page in the first place.

There are varieties of a call to action to pick from. If you want them to book an appointment you select the “book you” option. And if you want your customers or visitors to contact you select “contact you” and pick from the drop-down.

As you can see your customers can message you, call you, sign up for your offer and also email you. Let’s continue

You may want them to watch a video or read a blog post. If that’s for you, you can select the “learn more “ button. And pick from the options below.

I know what you are thinking right now. Hope, is there no way I can ask them to buy my product?.

Relax, that’s where I’m going to next. If you have an e-commerce store, you can ask your visitors to shop with you. Simply select the “shop with you” option and choose the appropriate action that suits you.

lastly, if you are a developer or you have an app you want people to download, you can ask them to do that by selecting the download app option.

Always do A/B testing to know the call to action that works best for your business.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

2. Add a pinned post

Let’s say you have a top-performing content and you want anyone who visits your page to see it.

You can decide to pin the post to the top. This way when people visit your page they will easily see it. This feature is not limited to post only.

It could be an announcement, events even a webinar. Whatever may be the case, take advantage of “pinned post”. Click on the three dots on the post. Let the one shown in the image below. A drop-down menu will follow. Hover to pin to top page and click that.

Abracadabra!!!, your post will be pinned to the top of your business page.

3. Use tabs and apps

Do you know there’s a third-party app you can integrate with your Facebook business page? Apps like tabsite, MailChimp and other third-party apps can be added to your page. Hootsuite is also a good choice to add with your page.

This will enable you to schedule content publishing at different times.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

4. Like other business pages

Don’t forget Facebook is all about networking.

Like other business pages that provide supplementary services and products. For example, If you sell fruit juice, you can like a business page that sells fridge.

That can be used to chill your fruit juice; You understand what I mean right? Let’s ride on.

When you like other business pages you are increasing your network and that will help in promoting your page when running ads on facebook.

5. Take advantage of facebook page insights

The ability to know how people interact with your post and content can’t be overemphasized. Facebook insights give you metrics to measure your overall performance.

It allows you to understand your audience. It segments audience data using demographic and engagement. Insight also helps you to know who has clicked on your call-to-action button, visited your website, download an ebook or app, etc.

It also shows you how many followers you have so far. You can take a look at your audience insight by hovering on the top panel to learn more.

You can track and measure your performance with the above metrics.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

6. Update your settings on facebook business page

Form time to time, visit the settings section and update your profile. This is like the backstage of your page where a lot of administrative work is done.

You can select another admin and also utilize the cool features in the setting page to make your page easy for users to navigate and contact you.

7. Link to your Facebook page from your website and web pages

To give your page maximum exposure, always link to it whenever there is an opportunity to do so. A good place to start is to link to your page from your website. Ask people to follow you on facebook.

Remember the call-to-action, yes use it to get more likes and followers.


Now your facebook business page is up and running.

Take time in giving out valuable content. Because it will make your audience love you and your business.

Use an app like Hootsuite to schedule post and interact with your audience.

And take advantage of Facebook advertising to grow your audience.